123rd Earthstrong Ises, Southend, UK

“One love Foundation shared joyful community vibes while learning and educating ones an ones about HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I. InI came together as one and celebrated HIM, Lord God Jah Rastafari 123 Earthstrong, in Southend Essex UK. Been waiting a long long time and at long last things are more like they really should be in this town. Thanks and praises that people can realise the real reason, root and foundation on why so much reggae tings are so strong in Southend. Full love and thanks to Rastafari for getting the flag flying high bringing recognition of what power and strength and Jah love, works and positivity can really do.
Things going from strength to strength, stronger day by day. Give thanks to Chay Godfree and all who helped and are still helping.”

Sister Simiah