129 Earthlight of Haile Selassie The First

129 Earthlight of Haile Selassie The First

Rastafari greetings

Beloved brethren and beloved sistren, family and friends all over the globe.

Here we are celebrating and commemorating a marvelous day that took place 129 years ago in a small village named of Ejarsa Goro, just outside of the city of Harar, Ethiopia.

It was exactly in this town, where the 2780 meters above the sea level make the air pungent and fresh, that Waizero Yashimabet gave birth to Tafari.

He was the sweet fruit of her marriage with the great and renowned Ras Makonnen.

The joy of the people filled the air, the spirits of the royal family were uplifted in such a way that appeared almost strangely unprecedented.

The newly born was infact already known because the enigmatic prophecies about Him that were circulating across the ancient land of Ethiopia, the first and last Christian Empire on planet Earth.

Sages, ancient hermits and prophets were announcing that this child would not be an ordinary one, His destiny was not to be simple and plain.

There was a permeating sense that the baby was just born but His presence was already ancient, a perception that His shoulders would have been the place where goverment would lay.

It was not only a feeling, not a mere sensation.

History and circustamces will prove that the predictions were in fact correct.

He that was a prodigious child in an ancient kingdom, grew up to show prodigies in a modern world.

He that was destined to be the last Emperor to sit on King David’s physical throne, was also the First one (Qadamawi) of the new, immortal and everlasting Kingdom.

Born in a time of great world obscurity, He became the only and great light for those that were walking in darkness.

He, of dark skin in a whitenized western-minded world, was the brightest soul in a morally darkened global society. His destiny was truly to be that “light unto the nations”.

He that came from the only land of 13 months of sunshine, had to be the light that shined upon those that dwelled in the land of the shadow.

That little child, that to the world appeared to be puny and phisically frail, had in His destiny to be such a solid and firm presence when the world population was fragile and feeble.

So miracoulosly strong as to be the able to multiply the joy even when times were sorrowful.

His presence, amongst bombs, soldiers and cannons, was the only sign of hope for an harvest in a time of global famine.

Oh what a miracle, when His voice, while breaking the yoke of the oppressor, was at the same time uniting all those that were seeking freedom for the sacred and untouchable human rights.

Oh what a marvel unto the nations, when breaking the staff of the invasors shoulder He was in truth repairing thousands of years of broken and violated morality.

He that broke the oppressor’s rod being Himself the rod of Moses, the only instrument for divine salvation that mankind could rely on in the midst of the early 20th Century moral wilderness.

When the Holy Prophet speaks about this event he rightly recalls the days of Midian, when the Almighty worked through Gideon and his pitifully outnumbered band of warriors. In that very day Israel’s foes were vanquished by God through a mighty defeat that depended on a group of men armed with clay pots, torches and trumpets (Judges 6-7).

God saved the day, making it quite plain that this was no ordinary military victory: this was the arm of the Lord at work, mighty to save.

He, that was a Man of deep faith, became the Prince of peace for the skeptics and also the non believers. He, that protecting the essential rights of the human being, enlightened the right way to the essential connection with the Creator.

Crowds welcomed Him in solemny across regions very far from His own, He that was born in a place of antiqueness was leading the world to become a place of modernity.

Freshness and novelty filled His words in every given occasion, there was not a man nor woman that could not perceive the faithfulness of His soul.

He that was the Ancient of Days had in fact the purity of spirit of child that genuinely looks into his mother’s eyes.

It is said that if we really aspire to know what truth is, we should look straight into a child eyes. Then and only then we can grasp the miracle of sincerity. There is in fact no living being on the face of this Creation that can teach godliness better than a little one.

And so, beloved brethren and sistren, this is the day to rejoice “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” (Is 9;6-7).

Godliness, this is what is all about.

The precious and profound devotion that we should learn to manifest in our lives.

The inner recognition of this precious human existence that should fill our daily existence and be a high flying banner under which every human being should feel safe and protected.


Because every thought and action of the life of the newborn 129 years ago on the mountain of Ejarsa Gora, had godliness as objective.

The devoutness to mankind manifested through the safeguard of basic human rights and the commitment to the uplifment of the life standards of every human being, without consideration of color, class, gender or geographical location.

This, turns out to be the sacred mission of the King Messiah in this contemporary world and consequentely the divine task of every Rastafari man, woman or child.

To establish the sense of reverence and sacrality in this modern age in which yes, we are sent as sheeps amongst wolves, but through the powers of the Lion of Judah.

Through His inspiration and divine guidance we are called to uphold and defend godliness and devotion in order to elevate this world to be a better place.

If by God in man we are inspired and motivated then to fully manifest our God in man must be the objective and final aim.

If we look unto Him that inspired generations to elevate themselves from their status, what can our mission be if not to elevate the generations amongst whom we live.

It took a divine child to born in order to teach mankind to learn “too feel the need of others more than our own” but now, we finally know, what the way forward is.

Godliness and devotion to the four corners.

Reverence and faithfullness to the end of the world.

To restore that original, divine and natural state that the Rastaman has been talking about from the green jungle of the “islands of the sea” on which the Almighty has “set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of His people, which shall be left..” (Is. 11;11)

So let’s wholeheartedly rejoice in this prophetical event because that very same child has become the “ensign for the nations” in order to give mankind a deep, maybe shocking and revolutionary message.

The Almighty needs us in order to fullfill His mighty and compassionate plan.

That the whole Creation may reach the final and ultimate stage, to manifest Zion on earth.

And when that occurrs, it is only “Allelujah, there is no night there”.

Perfect Love

Ras Julio