Ancient Testimony | Incient Bob Roy

Ancient Testimony | Incient Bob Roy

Heartical Greetings Rasta Ites family.

It is with great emotion that we share this testimony from Incient Bob Roy which has recently transitioned on October 2nd 2020.This interview was recorded a couple of years ago and never released until today, it is probably the only documented testimony of this strong Rastafari Elder.

Born Keith Wilberforce Williams, better known as Bob Roy or Keith Man, on the 16th June 1937 in Montego Bay.

He sighted Rastafari at the age of 24 guided by two brothers Winston and George Wollery, who were working on the Barnett Sugar Estate along with the young Bob Roy.

He stood up and took on the faith of a young youth with a few combsome brethren by the names of Doctor, Martin, George, Little, and Campbell Man. Some of them were also employed at the St. James Parish Council in 1964-1965.

The young Bob Roy grew up amongst Rasses like Priest Brown frequently visiting his camp in North Gully. They became good friends and developed a mutual trust.

Bob Roy never relocated in a specific camp but was instead living in a little house at Crawford Street Mt. Salem with brethren such as Martin man, George man, Son Son Man, Clarke man, and Campbell Man.

He often recalled as “ At that time we did not use the word brethren, but it was still Rasta, we just added the word man to each name. I was called Keith man or Boy Roy.”

The Incient experienced on the front line some of the hardest times for Rastafari brethren and sistren, he was in fact a survivor of the Coral Gardens Massacre that took place in April 1963.

He was betrayed by his own neighbour who was a policeman and had to literally run to save his own life. Looking for a safe place he then took refuge at his next brethren house but also that would be soon raided by armed policemen.

They suddenly entered the house looking for any Rastaman and Bob Roy had no time to hide, sitting on a chair, when his eyes met those of the soldier his body went in a sensation of shock. Even though face to face, through the powers of the Most High the policemen did not see Bob Roy and left the house.

A lady that witnessed the scene shouted:  “They did not see you man, it is Rasta they were looking for, if they had seen you, they surely would have killed you with licks from the two big batons they were carrying…Now I know that Rastafari is really your God fe true” .His tribulation during the Coral Gardens did not end here.

Incient Bob Roy was also present at the arrivals of the King of Kings in Jamaica in 1966.

He spent his life as a true and faithful Rastafari Ingel working in Montego Bay selling coconut jellies and sugar cane. Even though his health was not at its best during the last ten years, he continued to work everyday on the streets.

Because his house was seriously damaged and he was living in very difficult conditions, the organisation Word Sound Power Collective under the direction of Incient Ras Flako, built him a new house where he could safely spend his last years.

May his example keep inspiring generations of Rastafari to be strong and firm against Babylon offences. Rise in power beloved Bob Roy.

Ras Julio

Biographic information about Bob Roy’s life taken from the book “Word Sound of Bob Roy” edited by Wisemind Publications
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