Ancient Testimony | Ras Flako – Rastafari History: Slavery, Howell and Hindu influences

Ancient Testimony | Ras Flako – Rastafari History: Slavery, Howell and Hindu influences

This Ras Flako’s series of interviews is to celebrate 90 years of Rastafari Movement. 2020 marks 90 years since the Coronation of His Imperial Majesty and the revelation of Rastafari Movement.

It is night time in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Ancient Ras Flako take us on a journey through the history of Rastafari Movement starting from the roots.

A beautiful island in the middle of the Carribbean Sea called “Xaymaca” the land of wood and water by its native inhabitants the Arawak. We know her now by the name of Jamaica and has contributed to the World with such a beautiful gift that is Rastafari Movement.

Jamaica played a crucial role in slavery and in the Transatlantic slave trade, the Spanish and then the British fought to control the island because of her strategic position and the richness of her soil. Ras Flako talks about the plantation system, slave rebellions and how much these have contributed to the uprising of Rastafari anti colonial conscience.

The Africans were not the only ones to be taken on the Island. The British in fact brought with them thousands of Indians not as slaves but as indentured workers. The Indians had their own spirituality and tradition which influenced the the early Rastafari not so much on a doctrinal level, Rastafari is in fact a Judeo- Christian revelation, but concerning lifestyle and food habits. Leonard P. Howell, one of the founders of Rastafari Movement, was also exposed to Hindu culture.

Watch the video… take on the journey and look forward for the next chapter …soon come!

Perfect Love and Rastafari blessings

Concept and video editing: Ras Julio