Ancient Testimony | Ras Igie

Ancient Testimony | Ras Igie

An incredibly rich interview with Ras Igie, Rastafari elder and herbalist from the Montego Bay area. Residing in the area that he calls “Rock of Rose Heights” he meets Ras Flako Tafari to reason about his journey in Rastafari.

Sighting up the faith at the age of 15, Ras Igie grew up in the area of Canterbury amongst prominent Rastafari bredren like Priest Brown and Ras Iyah. His experience of Rastafari Livity is peculiar as he was amongst those that left the city and went to live in the jungle of the hills amongst birds, water springs and nature in its original form. Here he learned about the various healing properties of medicinal plants and started to get always more involved with natural medicine helping people overcoming illnesses.

A limpid testimony that opens a window on a chapter of Rastafari history that still today remains quite unexplored.

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