Ancients at risk during COVID19

Ancients at risk during COVID19

The Collective has identified several Ancients that may be at greater risk during the COVID19 pandemic. Please consider donating to assist these Ancients and share among your networks to increase awareness to our beloved Rastafari Elders.

Ras Cover
Age: 70
Needs: Medical (cancer, respiratory and circulation issues)

Ras Your I
Age: 67
Needs: Medical (visual impairment, gastric issues)
Bongo Fred
Age: 80
Needs: Medical (enlarged heart, diabetes, hearing and circulation issues)
Ras Caopa
Age: 82
Needs: Medical (recovering from stroke, respiratory issues)
Ras Witter
Age: 67
Needs: Medical (diabetes, blood circulation issues)
Bongo Stamp
Age: 74
Needs: Medical (respiratory problems, arthritis and circulation issues)
Dawta Dean
Age: 73
Needs: Medical (visual impairment and gastric issues)
Ras Henry
Age: 65
Needs: Medical (asthma)
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Binghi I I
Age: 82
Needs: Medical (shortness of breath)
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Bongo Priestly
Age: 72
Needs: Medical (shortness of breath and poor immunity)

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COVID19 Impact on Rastafari Elders

Wherever you are in the world, our hope is that this message reaches you in good health and strength during this difficult time. There are currently 16 diagnosed cases and 1 death associated with COVID19 in Jamaica. There are also at least 100 in quarantine and 40 in isolation. Our beloved Rastafari Elders are at particular risk due to their age, many of which also have underlying health issues. We are not currently aware of any Rastafari Elders who have been exposed or infected. However, we are taking measures to ensure funds are available should Elders need to isolate or be admitted to a clinic. We are reminded by these words of His Majesty and find them relevant to the current situation in Jamaica:

“… The raising of Our country’s standards of public health occupies an important and prominent place in the plans We have prepared for the peaceful growth and development of Our nation. To improve conditions of life is by itself to benefit present and future generations, and however high the cost, this work must be accomplished. Agreements have been executed with the International Co-operation Administration for the furnishing of aid to assist Our efforts in this direction. We long ago determined that, with the help of Our people, no one in Ethiopia would lack adequate medical treatment because of his inability to pay for it, and a plan to implement the goal has already been prepared. …”

November 9th 1957

Please consider making a donation to support Rastafari health and welfare.
Give thanks, WSPC Board of Directors