Anglo Ethiopian Society launch website

Anglo Ethiopian Society launch website

Just to let you know that the Anglo-Ethiopian Society in the UK has just got its website up and running (  ).

Most of the pages on the site are taken from articles and reviews previously published in our News File, a newsletter for members.

There are one or two articles that might be of interest to you, in particular a photo gallery of pictures of Haile Selassie’s Coronation in 1930.

There is also a photo gallery of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Haile Selassie’s visit to Bath held at Fairfield House plus an ‘Occasional Paper’ on his exile in Britain during the war years.

Hope you find the site of some interest (the photo galleries are in the ‘Other’ section of the website). I hope some of the Coronation Photographs are new to you.

Best regards

John Mellors