Bongo Tawney passes forward to Zion

Bongo Tawney passes forward to Zion

“It is with very deep and utmost regret that InI announce the transition of one InI stalwart Patriarch BONGO TAWNEY who has contributed in many many ways to the Rastafari Nation both nationally and internationally.” Ras Sasse

Greetings All,
I too within the last few weeks was in communication with Bongo Tawney, Chair of the Nyahbinghi Order and the Ancient Council, and was hopeful though not completely surprised by the turn in his health.  He spoke about the Rastafari Conference at the UWI and he expressed strong views that the Community must stand its ground for its right to host it own conference on its own terms and saluted the work of the Millennium Council in putting forward a progressive MOU in this regard.  I spoke to him in the hospital and was looking forward to his leaving there and was heartened to hear that he had left the hospital, though it was reported he felt weaker based on the medication.  It is with great sadness that I heard today that he transitioned, most notably in the shadow of yesterday’s send off Brother Ista J, the recent transition of Brother Ras Cliffen and other notable Elders, it shines a great light of responsibility for the Future on all those who have eyes to see, hears to hear and shoulders to carry on.

We are that much richer in our experiences in the life and work of Bongo Tawney and I link this article as a small but pertinent reminder on the height and breadth of his contribution to us all.  May we all work together in Championing and Owning his name, activism, integrity, spirit, works, hopes, dreams, smiles through all that is the Collective and Living contribution of Ras Tafari On I and I Own Terms.

Ride On, Bongo Tawney, Ride On,
Let your life not be showered in mere tributes but your spirit be acknowledged through actions.  To The Rastafari Trust Fund Campaign, Creed and Repatriation with Reparations, All For One, One For All

Maxine Stowe