Brother Brissett appointed Administrator of the Sashamane Land Grant

Brother Brissett appointed Administrator of the Sashamane Land Grant

The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated has appointed Elder Gerald Brissett as the new Administrator of the Shashemene Land Grant in Ethiopia. Brother Brissett is a Member of the International Executive Council/Board of Directors.

Brother Brissett was appointed following the passing on to glory of our beloved Elder, Ras Solomon Wolfe in January of this year. Papa Sala, as he was lovingly called, had been personally appointed Land Grant Administrator by His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Currently President of EWF, Inc. Empress Taitu Local 43 in Kingston, Jamaica, Brother Brissett is the first Signatory on the Land Grant Deed. He resided on the Land Grant for several years, returning to Jamaica in 1975.

The Shashemene Land Grant was given in care of The Ethiopian World Federation by His Imperial Majesty and the government of Ethiopia in 1948 for the Return Home of the children of kidnapped and enslaved Afrikans in the Diaspora.

To help meet his family’s relocation expenses, the organization is seeking donations from Locals, friends and Members of the Federation, other Pan African and progressive groups and individuals who share the vision of Freedom and Justice for Afrikans at home and abroad. Please make donations to the EWF, Inc. Paypal account using our email –

Or call 347-897-8211 for more information. Or call Brother Brissett directly at 876-377-5513.

Gracious Thanks in advance to all.