Call of the millennium | Message to the global Ras TafarI family by Ras Iration I Nyahbinghi Priest

Call of the millennium | Message to the global Ras TafarI family by Ras Iration I Nyahbinghi Priest

Blessed love Iloved. Praises to the power of the inity, Ras TafarI, Haile Selassie I.

As InI welcome the Ethiopian New Millennium, it is most important that InI engage in sincere reflections, analyses of the present and reasonable projections.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I cautioned InI in 1963 to be aware of the fact that the African Liberation is not fully accomplished although proclaimed.

As a collective consciousness within the global community, InI must acess and reacess how InI can deliberately contribute to the full accomplishment of the African Liberation.

InI should not neglect the fact that since shackle and chain enslavement, the African race has experienced only modification of oppression.

After having triumphed over direct European colonialism, the African race is now being strangled by European commercial globalization. Through market privileges and aid packages, the European ruling class still dictates the political ideology and economic system embraced by African nations.

The negative influence of European politico-economic domination is of such that African nations are yet to recognize and assert themselves as African sovereigns. Thus geographic nationalism remains a tool of disunity and inter-racial discrimination, in and outside of the glorious ancestral continent.

As InI evolves in this new millennium it is not enough to be verbal critics and condemners of the establishment. InI must become reformers and transformers of societies. Rather than being victimized subjects, InI must become the theocratic administrators of nations.

This course of action and engagement, I am convinced is the only path worthy of consideration and embrace in this new millennium. How else can InI justify the inheritance of InI ancestors and the security of InI progenies?

Emperor Haile Selassie I is InI example and standard. With confidence in the victory of good over evil, let InI actively answer the call of the new millennium.

Ras TafarI love.