Celebration of Life Ceremony for Rastafari Nyahbinghi Elder Fiyah Joy Mama Loi Iration

Celebration of Life Ceremony for  Rastafari Nyahbinghi Elder Fiyah Joy Mama Loi Iration

Below is the report of the Celebration of Life Ceremony held Saturday, January 24, 2009, in New Jersey, for Rastafari Nyahbinghi Elder Fiyah Joy Mama Loi Iration, a Founding Elder of the Empress of Zion

Host and Participants: Mama Loi’s Friends and Biological Family including her only sister, Members of the Rastafari Faith including Niyahbinghi, Bobo Shanti, 12 Tribes of Israel, Ethiopian World Federation
Program started with Chanting to the Nyahbinghi drums | Sister Iyahbinghi opened with Ancestor Prayer & Original Poem | Mama Loi’s family gave shared uplifting entertaining memories
Queen Takiyah Did two chants: Did you know how the Elders Suffered?  and The Rasta Woman | Mother Culture Sister Carol performed two songs:  Rasta Woman and Rastafari is My Savior | Queen Mother MOSES read a Poetical Tribute she wrote at the venue | Maestro Cedric Brooks did a musical tribute | Ras Menelik did a musical chant | Empress Ima, EWF shared additional stories of Mama Loi | The Tribute continued with reasoning until 4am Sunday morning January 25th 2009.


Remembering Fiyah Joy Mama Loi Iration

There is a story I must tell
About a SisterQueen born Madge Campbell
Yet InI know her as Mama Loi
The Rastawombman Fiyah Joy
InI nah shed no tears
Because for over 30 years
Mama Loi trod the RasTafari Faith
With Jah Love not hate

So as InI deal with the celebration
Of a real upful Blakk Wombman
This celebration of Mama Loi Life ceremony
Is fitting from the Rastafari grassroots community
Remember the Supreme Authority
Which Mama Loi quoted of the Coronation Ceremony
She pointed out how forever changed historically
The Rasta Wombman rising to Co-Political Authority

Yes Mama Loi did petition
For the Restoration
Of the Mother of Creation
As Co-Head of the Rastafari Nation
A founding Elder of the Empress of Zion
Mama Loi stood firm for the Conquering Lion
And His Chosen Empress Menen working Hand-In-Hand
For their Sunz and Dawtahs to come to the Promised Land

Mama Loi Fiyah Joy legacy
Will remain through iternity
As in the documentary
Land of Look Behind for the Afrikan Family
Mama Loi InI will miss you
For all that you did do
To keep Empress of Zion True
And so the Daughters of Zion say, we will always love you


Written by Queen Mother MOSES At Mama Loi’s Memorial
Saturday, January 24, 2009

President, Empress of Zion, Inc.
International Ambassador, ARK/EADUMC
Ambassador, Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM)