Coronation of Haile Selassie The First | A Rastafari perspective

Coronation of Haile Selassie The First | A Rastafari perspective

Eighty-nine years ago, in the St. George Cathedral placed in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ras Tafari Makonnen was crowned with the new name of Qadamawi Haile Selassie.
An unprecedented prophetic event that attracted the attention of the nations of the world.
Few knew that that very ceremony would have waken humanity from the sleep in which it had fallen.
Haile Selassie the First, a direct descendant of the biblical kings David and Solomon, who grew up among royal dignitaries and spiritual masters, had Himself a kind of knowledge and wisdom that left completely astonished and surprised those who knew him.

Even though He was a very humble, balanced and contained person, His name was wrapped up in fame, and about Him people was talking from one border to the next across the Kingdom of Ethiopia.
Since He was a little child, He had created astonishment when he taught priests on spiritual matters and His knowledge seemed to be like an endless well.

He had an awareness of such depth that confirmed, in the memories of the elders, the prophecies that before His birth announced the imminent arrival of a prodigal child.
The most astonishing thing about Ras Tafari Makonnen was the attitude with which He addressed government issues, managing imperial affairs with diligence and spiritual balance.
He handled political affairs with royalty, grace, discipline, and above all with a deep spirit of compassion and mercy. This attitude was never seen before.
In the eyes of those close to Him, He could only be compared to biblical kings like David, examples of divine government and models of sovereigns who worked as the instrument of the Most High.
Kings like Samuel and Natan, were chosen to be the right hand of the Almighty on earth, and in this spirit they ruled.
It was a type of sovereignty and government that was a true divine mission, not by chance, they were anointed with the holy oil of royalty.
This oil was evoking the anointment of the Messiah whose illuminated sovereigns were anticipation.

On November 2nd 1930, Ethiopia and the whole world witnessed the Coronation of the One who would be the last ruler of the house of David.
Not by coincidence this was taking place in Ethiopia, where Bible stories were so alive in the minds of the population, and where the spirit of Christ was so present in the social background.
In this ancient country the personality of Haile Selassie The First, His actions and His immense compassion, would soon have generated among the people the feeling that He himself was the Messiah who returned in
His Kingly characters.

On the other side of the Globe, among those that Isaiah described as the ” Islands of the sea”, some of the slaves who were deported to the new world, hearing the news of the Coronation in Addis Ababa reopened their Bibles.
Doing so they received the Revelation that the Messiah had returned with the new name exactly as He himself had announced.
Thus the Rastafari Movement was born and what we call the “New Creation” began.
We could extensively reason on the Old and New Testament prophecies; we could also show many theological references to confirm all this.

We could mention the Apostles, the Cristian Fathers, the Rastafari Elders etc. Instead, we will remain on observing what this holy day of Coronation represents for Ian’I Rastafari.
We have to keep in mind that every divine action has a reflection and meaning for us human beings.
If we have a closer look to the act of Coronation we see that it is a recognition of sovereignty, as a ceremony it is an assignment of a title and represents elevation from one status to another superior.

Ras Tafari Makonnen went in fact from the status of Ras (head of the people) to the one of Negusa Nagast or King of Kings.
Similarly, it has a meaning for us mankind: with HIS Majesty Coronation we ourselves are crowned with a new, more complete level of life, we could say a superior one in which we are invested of the government of our lives and of this Creation.

We are the generation that assisted the coming of the Christ Ruler, consequently we are called to rule.
The previous generation has witnessed Christ as a master, a teacher.
That generation was a follower one, a generation student of the Messiah.
Ian’I in this time witness the sovereign Christ as sovereign ruler that wants us to help him in the government of the ages to come.
This means that we must not only be student but also live and behave as humble rulers, responsible for this life.
We must feel within ourselves the mission of taking care of this Creation in a new and more conscious way, not living as followers anymore but as real protagonists of change.

Coronation makes us officially “creators of this Creation”. Coronation is a fulfilment; it marks the end of an age and the beginning of another.
It ends the waiting period in which we were languishing for the saviour’s manifestation because humanity was tired of suffering under the yoke of evil and injustice.
In 1930, the time of the victory of the good over evil began, since then international dynamics were overturned by the person and work of Haile Selassie The First and his example.
On numerous occasions, He shown that even in this century David would defeat Goliath, securing the victory of good and justice.

In our lives, therefore, Coronation is a constant warning and unceasing reminder that despite what happens and how the battle may be hard, the Lion of the Judah Tribe has won.
He is the ruler forever breaking the chains of physical and mental oppression.
This means that every righteous mission that we take on will be successful!
Any challenge that puts us to the test will be won if we act in accordance with the divine spirit and behaviour.
For if the King of Kings assures us that victory is certain and He himself is the real and not mythological example of this victory, then what can we fear? What can we worry about?

His Majesty opens the New Creation, which is the last and definitive era whose characteristic is in fact the victory.
In the New Creation, the man of God will have the benefit of working and living knowing that he has already won; worries and tribulations will be overcome by the incessant memory of the Coronation.
In moments of trial and anguish, meditating on the salvific meaning of the Coronation, will bring man comfort, confidence, and courage toward the future.
Coronation is the departure from Egypt. Coronation is Daniel who, thanks to the divine spirit in him, makes lions tame and they submit to him.
In our daily challenges, the memory of Coronation sets us free, empowers us with strength and trust and causes adverse events to submit to us.
Nothing good is impossible when the King of Kings is on the Throne.
Accepting this reality and dwelling in it by keeping it alive during times of difficulty, has an invaluable power.
It is indeed one of the greatest gifts reserved for those who have been called to consciously live this New Creation.
Remaining focused on the meaning of Coronation and maintaining it alive within Ian’I invests us with a new energy that we did not even know it existed in us.
If before we were weaker and insecure, now we know that we can draw on this new strength, it is inextinguishable, renewed, and above all, forever present.

Haile Selassie The First is the Earth Rightful Ruler.
He has perfectly embodied the characteristics with which the Bible described the King Messiah.
He performed wonderful works and actions.
But there is one thing that is at the foundation of all His work and which is one of the greatest teachings he could offer us.
Haile Selassie The First taught us to live in a full and complete way.
He showed us that we have a meaningful life.

In both His work and private life, He has shown us how much potential we have as human beings and how much it can bear fruit if cultivated well.
He has taught humanity to overcome its limitations and to use all the resources the Creator has assigned to us in order to make men incredible beings, so strong and capable at the same time so spiritual and

Haile Selassie The First showed us resources we did not know we had, He taught us to work unceasingly for results that we would never have imagined to be able to reach.
He gave us confidence, and showed us the tools by which to build a benevolent and happy place around us.
He has handed us an ancient knowledge, a balance between wisdom, discipline and mercy that is the key to build a healthy and happy society.

HIS Majesty reminded us that we are infinite and we tend to infinity when Babylon stress us with insecurities and constantly reminds us of how weak we are.
As Babylon unfortunately had us educated to live in hope, HIS Majesty has trained us to live in reality and to realize our visions without fear as true creators of this Creation.

The King of Kings has therefore given a fuller meaning to our existences.
His memory and His presence within us keep alive an awareness that makes us happy, filling us with confidence and reasserts us with the power of our hearts and minds.
This consciousness heals the wounds and scraps the dust off us when we get up after falling.

It is the wonderful awareness that we have a meaningful life.

Perfect Love

Ras Julio