Cuba update

Cuba update

Blessings in the Ivine Name of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I  Jah Rastafari

Greetings to the family of Rastafari. This is an update of the news about Rastafari in Cuba that InI published more than a year ago.

This event was the Manifestation of His Majesty Will; to bring the Word to any place in the planet, regardless the difficulties and the impediments that come in the way. Part of the outcome of this event, in the physical level, has been the waves of tribulations and repression that have covered InI people in the island. Many ones have been put in jail, the system is using the excuse of the herbs to keep ones and ones lock up without a trial, without a proper legal defence lawyer, and even more in many cases without physical evidences against them. So again and again the hand of babylon using any excuses to try to eliminate InI spirit of Community and Oness. The outcome in the spiritual aspect of it is that, we all know, through tribulations we can become a better and wiser person. We can learn and grow into higher levels of overstanding. Something positive will come out anyway from all this. With HIS Blessings.

InI pray for InI brothers and sisters that are suffering the harsh and factual brutality from the enemies of the Almighty. May HIM guide the ones and ones and give them strength to keep the faith high, to maintain the Vision of Freedom, Redemption.

The ones doing works to bring InI communities up to higher levels, the ones dedicated to the Works, Blessings Itinually. InI have to continue spreading the Word, working to manifest HIS Plans.

To InI family in Cuba, hold on beloved ones, you are not alone; InI is together in spirit, from the four corners of the world, One Love!!!

The hotter the battle, the sweeter InI Victory!!!


Sister Lily Mihirete Amlak