Eating from the Earth

Eating from the Earth

A Rastafari approach to food and cooking. Ital food, alkaline diet and Rastafari nutrition as a way of physical and spiritual liberation.

What and how to eat for a healthy life and a happy mind.

Through the words of Ras Ibi and Ras Iword we explore the Rasta way of eating from the earth and alkaline foods. A reasoning about Ital Livity as so many people perceive it as a way to live better.

What is food and how can we make sure that we make the right choice when it comes to nutrition?

Since so many years Ian’I Rastafari have been talking about food as a way to prevent diseases and grow stronger phisically and mentally. We need to be careful about what we intake and be very choosy when it comes to buying from the shop.

The first revolution starts in our person, in our mind and in our body, that’s why is so important to learn and be passionate about our food. Food is love and care for mankind and for the planet. Non polluting is an act of love and goodness towards Creation.

According to Rastafari spirituality if we live in tune with the natural flow of life and in harmony with the elements then we will maintain physical and mental health.

Speakers: Ras Ibi and Ras Binghi Iword Moderator Ras Julio