Elders I-stimony from 1983 | RITA & Nathaniel Hibbert

Elders I-stimony from 1983 | RITA & Nathaniel Hibbert

Greetings and Rastafari Blessings  255 days, 23 hours, 34 minutes and 50 seconds Before the Ethiopian Millennium.

Regarding I&I Rastafari Elders, according to the Summary Resolution from the Ras Tafari International Theocracy Assembly (RITA), Mona Campus UWI, July 1983:

(5) The establishment of a Ras Tafari Social Security scheme for Elders.
(17) Documentation of the Teachings of the Elders.

Fund-Raising That fund-raising for Repatriation and related administral Services of the International Secretariat be centered around Cultural shows, retails of books, lectures, films/videos, RasTafari Festival, Arts & Crafts and the sale of Collected Teachings of the RasTafari Elders.



Be It resolved that:

  • I & I must develop a volume of the teachings of the Elders of RasTafari.
  • The Elders should provide Spiritual Guidance to RasTafari youths before they enter school.
  • Elders must establish the Church as the international Divine Order of Nyahbinghi. (church funding proposals are included in the document. )


Be it resolved that:

  • A Council of Elders & Patriarchs should Guide and Advise the establishment of the Government.


  • That the SICK, especially the Elders, should be visited regularly.


E. That booklets should be published for sale containing (i) speeches of the Elders,

Congo Isef is an Iloved Fiyah Ingel in the The Theocracy Reign Ivine Order of the Nyahbinghi, Atlanta, GA. Known for his extensive Itahphysical Biblical Reasonings and  Itasymboiconographical arrangements, Congo Isef traveled to Jamaica to attend the Rastafari International Theocracy Assembly (RITA) in July 1983 as a representative of the USA Southern Region. While reasoning about RITA, Congo Isef said:

“Conference was beautiful. Ras Boanerges & Bongo Time, who was the high priest,  everyone was there. Ras Historian wanted to be Secretary and this was supported in Kingston. People from Montego Bay objected. Church street yard set up by Ras Historian who was more international. The Pan African mind set wanted to Istablish a secretariat and trade. The others didn’t have the international mind. There was some disrupting bickering and disunity, and thieves, people that wasn’t Rasta preyed on the visitors. Had to be Caribbean, especially Jamaican, to get respect. Ras Pidow gave I&I a lot of respect. After the conference, I stayed for three months. I went to all the houses, Nyahbinghi,  I went to Bull Bay, Twelve Tribes of Israel in Kingston, everywhere.
When I returned, I focused on the economic and international trading company.
[Note: points #(2) The establishment of RasTafarian Self-Reliant Economic Machinery; (3) The establishment of a Ras Tafari International Trading Company; Economics: That the Economic development of Ras Tafari should be centered around basic agriculture, technical skill resource, cultural creative arts & crafts, and that a RasTafari International Trading Corporation be one primary vehicle to facilitate this economy.]

I&I formed a Preparatory Commission called the Gulf South Rastafari that represented Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida. Ras Cover, Ras Historian, Ras Iyarico (paid his own fair) wanted to link with other Pan Africanists, so I&I brought them to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for two weeks. We took care of hosting them, and they came to sell merchandise.”

This Istimony was given to I numerous times by Congo Isef. This time, however, happened to be during the Rastafari National Council for Inity (RNCI-USA) Southern Region Mini-Summit and Technical Expo that convened December 9-11, 2006 in Houston, Texas. Also attending the Southern Region Mini-Summit was Elder Ioshola from New Orleans and Bongo Zack, Iriginally from Jamaica and living in Houston since the 1970’s.

Bongo Zack also gave his Istimony concerning Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert, who came to Jamaica in 1931 after becoming a member of the Ancient Order of Ethiopia, a Masonic Lodge in Costa Rica, and began to preach the divinity of HIM Haile Selassie I, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Bongo Zack said:

“I was a boy and the first thing I can remember was that Mr. Hibbert, every Sunday he used to march right past the front of our house carrying a red, gold and green Ethiopian flag. You know those leather belts, the ones with a cup to hoist a flag pole, well Mr. Hibbert he used to wear this white robe, with a red, gold and green sash, and this belt to hoist the flag, and he would march right down to the corner and signal everyone that a meeting was going to take place that evening. As a boy I remember looking at this man. B’cau as I boy I wear pants, trouser, and I was looking at Mr. Hibbert who was the first man we did a see wear a robe . . . . He was a strange man. . . . who came from Costa Rica.”

Bongo Zack also said that when he came to the United States, he started saving money and depositing it in a bank account in Ethiopia. He had put thousands in the bank account and then in 1973, he got on a plane and went to Ethiopia. However, that was when The Derg was coming to power to fight against His Majesty, so when the plane arrived in the airport, Bongo Zack was told he had to go to Greece to get a VISA. He had to get on the plane and go. He never got the visa, returned to the United States and withdrew the money from the bank in Ethiopia to buy a house in Houston. Bongo Zack said he has been in Houston all that time and the Rastafari Southern Region Mini-Summit and Technical Expo was the first time he had ever seen Rastafari come from North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Louisianna and gather in Houston to chant Nyahbinghi Ises and prepare to Repatriate. He said it was a great joy after all these years .