European Conference Proposal

European Conference Proposal

Greetings I beloved Bredrin and Sistrin in the name of the Most High His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I Jah Rastafari and I an I Ivine mother of Iration Empress Menen.

Once again I adress Iself to all mansions of I an I spiritual family Rastafari, and once again I am raising the cry for Inity among I an I. Throughout the years I an I have seen the great efforts that have been made in the organisational works of I an I Bredrin and Sistrin living in diaspora in the West Indies, North and South America, as well as the good organized communities within Britain. The Inity Conference of November 2006 in Zion South Africa will even work on the Inity of all Rastafarian Bredrin and Sistrin Iniversally. Still there is a question I would like to ask : What about the many Bredrin and Sistrin scattered all over the rest of Europe? They are widespread and almost without contact among themselves. I believe that this situation should, and can be changed, and that is why I would be glad to see an Inity Conference of the European Rastafari Communities.

Now, when could a European Inity Conference take place, and who should, and could organize it?

It should in fact take place after the Inity Conference in Zion South Africa. But who to organize it? A conference like the one I am thinking of must be organized by the best structured communities and organisations of Rastafari in Europe, that means the communities in England, the raising community in Italy as well as the Ifficial representatives of the different houses, Bobo Ashanti, Twelve Tribes, EWF, Nyahbinghi; and the help of the EOTC could be a great profit ; these are the ones who, in I sight, could be able to organize a conference in Europe, as well as the ones who trod to Zion South Africa this November.

I am aware of the fact that a conference is hard to organize, but I believe that it would be a great profit to do so. The Inity of the communities and individuals in Europe would make it much easier for I an I to communicate and work with the communities all over the world. Furthermore it would strenghten the European communities to shine their light for others to see the glory of His Imperial Majesty and to perform Jah works.

This proposal is just a thought I had observing the many efforts and conferences all over the world. Perhaps it will become reality.

Give thanks and praises to the Most High Jah Rastafari. One Jah, one aim, one destiny.

Ras Béni Gad.

I prayers and thoughts are with I an I beloved Brother Mortimo Planno. Jah comfort his soul.