125th Anniversary of the Birth of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I

Rastafari Sons and Daughters globally will commemorate the anniversary of the birth of H.I.H. Liji Tafari Makonnen on 23rd July.

The Scott’s Pass Nyabinghi Centre will host this very auspicious and sacred event from the 22nd July. The documentary film “Man of the Millenium” will be aired in the evening prior to the Fire Lighting Ceremony. Jamaica’s n°1 radio Irie FM with Ka’bu Ma’at Kheru and the Running African Team will be on hand to transmit to the world the joy of the early hours of morning activities.

Preparations are on the way over the past weeks, as Ilect sons and daughters assist in getting the Center prepared.

Additional bedding, instalment of a 1000 gallons water tank, painting and beautification of the tabernacle and cutting of the lawns as been ongoing.

The major task ahead is the patching of the entry roadway that was affected by the recent flood rains that must be done as of this Sunday.  All Nyahbinghi Soldiers should make an effort to be on hand to assist, to ensure that all is in place for the 125th anniversary.

Ones who cannot make it and all who are able can contribute to the process by contactacing Treasurers Sis Janet and Mother Merl on 1876 334 6621 or 407 0707and 18764249232.

Farmers can also make contact in regard to food etc.

The Haile Sellassie lst School of Vision with Priest Dermott Fagan will be in harmony with the Nyahbinghi Order to enhance the joy of the occasion as well as volunteers of other Mansions of Rastafari.

The Global community is advised to share in the joy of the moment by linking with Irie FM to ensure live feed from 5 to 10am (usa).

InI look forward to a Grand Occasion befitting the dignity of the Quasqui Centennial occasion and implore all to play their part in the process. Ps 101.

“Gather around JAH THRONE ITHIOPIAN, 125th as come”

As InI all Ilebrate this Royal Occasion gobally, let all our prayers be in One for the Inity, stability, progress and advancement of this Sacred Order, called by the Most Ivine Name on the planet, HAILE SELLASSIE 1ST.

The NYAHBINGHI ORDER also salute all other mansions of Rastafari who will be honouring the occasion in their respective ways and invite all to the early morning Service that will still allow them time for their mansions celebration in the latter part of the day.

Let’s all gather at the home of Governor Ras Makonnen and Lady Yeshimabet as it was in 1892 in the Province of Harar, on the Mount of Olives.


Ras Ivi Tafari