Catch a fire | Amaziah Rose & the 1ness Band

One of the strongest and most passionate voices in UK reggae, Amaziah Rose brings deep gospel, soul and jazz influences to reggae music, striking an instant and intimate rapport with audiences everywhere. Amaziah has toured in the UK and internationally with Max Romeo, Alton Ellis, Leonard Dillon of The Ethiopians, and many other reggae legends. Amaziah debuted as lead singer with The Rockstones, was then lead singer for London ska band Maroon Town, and is now backed by 1Ness, a group of talented and highly experienced musicians comprising Clinton Rock Jones, lead guitar; Cozmic C, guitar; Greg, keyboards; Mikey Zimm, drums: Terry Bassie, bass (of course!) guitar.
Other great vocal artists on stage, more TBA: Courtney Hoilett (performs extensively in Europe with IDMC Gospel Choir, brings the power of gospel to reggae music); Donna Michael,(prolific songwriter, currently working on solo album) Henry Alexander (poet & lyricist), Lady Lee (up & coming, uptempo South London artist), Mitsy June (worked with every Jamaican legend & UK star in the business, champion of the backing vocalist with website Backing Vocalists Unite!)