Dub Warehouse Soundsystem Sessions

Real Roots Sound System ft. Donovan Kingjay meets  Roots Sensation Sound System ft. Reuben GVC | 2 of London’s heavy weight roots reggae handbuilt soundsystems!

FB event: www.facebook.com/events/270219220213461/

ROOM 1: Real Roots Sound System (FULL SOUNDSYSTEM) | Sattamann & Paulo ft.  Donovan Kingjay | Roots Sensation Sound System (FULL SOUNDSYSTEM) | Roots Sensation ft. ★ Reuben GVC

ROOM 2:  Fat Frog (PurpleFade Records) | Dubtastic Music (Kane FM) | K.Os Chilli Dubs (Real Roots crew)

Fully stocked reasonably priced bar | A fine selection of Caribbean food (Ital too) | Arts & Crafts | A good stock of vinyl for sale | Great smoking area!!