GROW Your Local Sound System

Grow Bar and Black Cat Soundsystem Present: GROW Your Local Sound System

I Center Point for Hackney Wick and Fish Island // Intimate Dance Space // Canal Terraza // Street Food Shack // Earth Knowledge and Information //Black Cat High Power Labhorn Stack // Special Effects // Mixer and Decks // Djembe Drums // I-lodica Melodies.Family, Heartikal and Conscious Vibes

@Grow, Hackney 98C Wallis Road, Main Yard, Hackney Wick, E9 5LN London

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Jah Wonder: Long time Elder Dread Dread Soundman. Many years of experience with different sounds including Jemmy Magic, Touch Above, and Him own Sound, Ama Rey. Regular radio shows on 106.2 Concious fm. Watch out the man can play any music !!yuh get a shock!! Coming with all kinds of dub, the operator of his own siren and a mic man in his own right.

Selector-I: The juggling selector (and its not herbs him juggle): A soundsystem enthusiast and Black Cat Original Selector, having his own sound Highgrade Sound with selector Quaidi I. Original vinyl 7 inch collection, you’ll never see this man touch C.D, let alone MP3.

Dreadhead: Judah International Sound from Hungary. Black Cat Original, backed and fronted by the legendary

Shaka Black, great great great showman and singer. Roots reggae and strictly vinyl only.

Ras Tom: Musician and Studio man. Creator of the dubplates, technician for the sound, builder of speaker cabinets.

Ruff One: Dubstep scientist selector. Proper accurate in the mix and blend and relentless with the selection. Original Black Cat Mix and Blender bought to the family by Mucksion King Himself.

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Mucksion King:  Music is Life. This multi talented Rasta Youth is primarily a Street Music vocalist. The man also produce songs, select records, and run the mic for the Black Cat FROM DAY ONE.

2 Dark: Eats dark vinyl. Alongside Ruff One as a mix and blend technician. The deepest dubstep and some cuts of the unexpected in terms of harmony and inspiration. Proper D.J with areal ear for the music he plays.