Roots Gathering Dance | Roots Sensation meets Real Roots Sounds

Roots Sensation Sound System meets Real Roots Sound System

2 of London’s bass heavy roots reggae hand built Sound Systems!

Venue: Secret to be announced here 24h before event. Great old school venue!

TICKETS: £3.50 Earl Bird | £5 1st release | £9.50 Second release |  £10 OTD

🔊 Roots Sensation Sound System (FULL SOUNDSYSTEM)

Warm up Selection by Reason SoundSystm + Oskar17

Roots Sensation ft. ★ UK Principal ★


🔊 Real Roots Sound System (FULL SOUNDSYSTEM)

Sattamann & Paulo ft. ★ Guest MC TBC ★

Warm up Selection by Fat Frog & Chilli Dubs

SPECIAL GUEST ★ Earl Gateshead ★

✧ Fully stocked reasonably priced bar

✧ Food stall by Wadada Vital a fine selection of Caribbean food (Ital too)

✧ Arts & Crafts

✧ A good stock of vinyl for sale by Roots Youths Records

✧ Great smoking area.

🔊 2 full stack 4 Scoops Each 🔊