Uday Festival

Rastafari travel together with World Weavers present U Day, a spiritual music festival. This festival is aimed to celebrate unity and tolerance among religions and spiritual movements in the world. It is a traveling event and Ethiopia is selected to host the 2018 edition because of its unique standing in the world regarding religious tolerance.

People from different faiths will participate in this event: Buddhist monks from Thailand, a Jewish Rabbi, Islamic clerics, and even native indigenous people from America and Australia will be present. Together with a group of Rastafarians from Shashamane they will travel to the holy city of Lalibela where an interfaith celebration will be held. Then the program continues to Addis Ababa where an international conference will be organized at the headquarters of the African Union on the morning of the 3rd of February, followed by a music festival in the evening. Some international names are confirmed like Pato Banton & The Now Generation, and King Shiloh Sound System from Amsterdam.