Fairfield House Rastafari Sacred Garden Project

Fairfield House Rastafari Sacred Garden Project

The Rastafari community, led by EWF Inc Local #3 Negusa Negast London are creating a sacred garden on the site of Sidetegnaw Medhane Alem Chapel at Fairfield House in Bath, Somerset, UK

When their Imperial Majesties, their children and grandchildren moved into Fairfield House, both the Emperor and Empress were deeply grieved at being forced into exile, and wished that there was an Ethiopian Orthodox Church where they could seek traditional consolation in this period of distress, and where they could ensure the spiritual guidance for their children and grandchildren.

Therefore in 1937, Emperor Haile Selassie wrote to the exiled Echege (the Abbot of the Debre Libanos Monastery who would one day become Ethiopia’s first native born Archbishop, and later still, it’s first Patriarch) who was residing at the Ethiopian monastery at the Church of the
Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. He asked that the Echege send to him a “Tabot” (replica of the Ark of the Covenant) from Jerusalem to set up a church in Bath. The space chosen to host this Tabot and conduct religious services was the greenhouse, already having been repurposed for prayer and contemplation.

Following the restoration in 1941, the Tabot of The Savior of the World was brought to Addis Ababa, and the Emperor built a church in remembrance of His time at Fairfield.