Fairfield House – Save The Legacy Appeal

Fairfield House – Save The Legacy Appeal

“Over 1700 people from around the world visited Fairfield House last year to celebrate the life and legacy of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I. We need to raise over £30,000 a year to ensure the house can open for these local and international pilgrims. Your support for the Save the Legacy Appeal will mean that more people will enjoy, celebrate and be part of the life of this very special person

How the funding will be spent

£30,000 is needed to cover the everyday running cost for the house. This includes lighting, electricity, marketing and general running cost for the House. This is the first stage of a larger appeal which will help us to restore the House to the beauty and majesty of a Emperor

How this will benefit the community

The House is an important historical and cultural centre for residents of the City of Bath and wider national and international Rastafarian and Ethiopian communities. It is home or has been home to range of organisations working with older people including BEMSCA, Action for Pensioners, Age UK, and the local branch of the Townswoman’s Guild. We want the House to be a hub for more groups and we need your help now to make this happen.”

Donate here:  https://localgiving.org/legacyofHaileSelassie