Food as Medicine #3 | Specific ailments / diseases / symptoms and foodstuff that can alliviate these

Food as Medicine #3 | Specific ailments / diseases / symptoms and foodstuff that can alliviate these


  • Swollen and painful stomach, without appetite.  Eat a couple of handfull of strawberries 3  times / day before meals.
  • Swollen stomach, vomiting and diarrhoea – Eat a couple of handfull of rasberries 2 times / day.  For a stronger anti-diarrhoea effect, pick green rasberries, dry and use as  tea.
  • To help digest milkproducts – Use cardemom (add calmus for increased effect)
  • Painfull stomach – ginger, drink juice from raw potatoes morning and evening.
  • Constipation – porridge with spinach, boil sesame seeds with little rice, boil walnuts with black sesame seeds.
  • Diarrhoea – green tea, crush and place a piece of garlic under you foot on acu-point K1

Lung and airways:

  • Painfull throat – lemon, spinach (esp. hot summer day or chestpain after eating fried food, make spinachsoup), olive (esp. painfull throat and chronic tonsilities),
  • Asthma worsened by cold and damp climate – use mustard seeds
  • Poisoning by petrol fumes – make juice from the leaves of china cabbage and drink plentifully.
  • Poisoning by pesticides, lead or medicines – make mungbean soup (add licorice..), figs
  • Cough – steam pear with honey, cough from heat in the lungs – carrott juice, apricot, cough with fever – carambola fruit
  • Cough, bronchitis, throat problems – boil radish with fresh ginger and honey, eat figs.
  • Hiccough -crush radish and fresh ginger take the juice add some honey and hot water
  • Children with insomnia due to cough – cut a clove of garlic and rub carefully around neck and throat.
  • Runny nose due to cold – crush out some juice from garlic mix one drop with ten drops of water and drip into nose.
  • Nosebleed – crush and place a clove of garlic under your foot on acu-point K1, if bleeding from right nostril place under left foot and vice versa.


Pain generally:

  • Weak muscles, pain in joints and muscles – figs
  • Weakness with fever and thirst – drink pineapple juice mixed with water and little salt
  • Weakness after illness – eat litchi fruits, eat kiwi fruits, sweetpotatoe
  • Foot and leg cramps , stiff joints – eat cabbage every day for at least two weeks
  • Pain in lower back (due to lack of yang in kidneys) – Wok leak with walnuts in sesameoil and eat regularly, eat litchi fruits
  • Joint pains and swellings due to damp/cold – boil yellow mustard seeds with cinnamon
  • Joint pains with swollen and hot joints (ex. fingers) – boil three carambola friuts a few minutes and add honey
  • Preventing blood stagnation after injury – drink tomato juice mixed with ginger
  • Joint pain – eat cherries regularly.

Urinary system:

  • Kidney stones or difficulty in urinating – boil three carambola fruits a few minutes and add honey, eat many kiwi fruits or drink the juice
  • Chidren bedwetting – eat ten litchi fruits / day,  eat pumpkin seeds
  • Frequent urination and incontinens – boil a few walnuts and eat before going to bed
  • Heat in stomach/spleen and difficulty urinating – mix orange juice with green tea
  • Enlarged prostata – eat minimum ten pumkin seeds / day for between 6-12 month, drink fresh carrott juice from five pounds of carrotts daile for 3-4 weeks, take a two weeks break and do again if necessary. Bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly, black strap molasses, saw palmetto seeds, corn husk and corn silk, nettles, turmeric are also known to be helpfull.

Psyche and sleep:

  • Anxiety and sleep disorders – Boil hazelnuts and drink or drink hazelnutmilk, boil walnuts with sesame seeds and drink, eat litchi fruits (Over-consumption can create heat with symptoms like thirst, bleeding gums and nosebleed)
  • Hysteria and nervousness – boil one teacup of whole wheat with 10 chinese dates and  100g licoriceroot and drink the decoction

Eyes and mout

  • Bleeding gums – eat two mangoes/day (grown-ups)
  • Mouth sores – crush a clove of garlic and place under the foot on acu-point K1
  • Toothache with swollen gums – boil one part sesame seeds with two parts of water until one part is left, gargle with this.
  • Night blindness – eat sweetpotatoes

The skin:

  • Warts – eat only soyabean sprouts, 3 times/day for 3 days.(eliminate  oil, fat and grains)
  • Excema / psoriasis – eat mungbean soup,
  • Children excema – boil finely chopped cauliflower, carrott and china cabbage for 15 minutes, mash with little salt and eat, wash excema with basil tea
  • Allergic skin reactions – potatoes, carrotts, onion and garlic are boiled together like soup until very soft, eat this regularly.  Boil spinach with seaweed, boil 250g fresh rasberries for 20 min., when cool wash the affected area for 5-10 min. 2-3 times/day.


  • Deficiency in the Yin of kidneys and liver – eat cherries regularly
  • Strengthen kidneys and liver, and vitalize the blood – eat sweat potatoes  (in mountainous areas where grain or rice don’t grow and the people live on sweet potatoes, they tend to live longer)
  • Strengthen and moisten the organs – place sesame seeds with little rice in water until slightly soft, chrush the mixture and take away hard part, boil with little sugar and drink.
  • Strengthen the Yang of the kidneys and eliminate cold – boil kryddnejlika with cinnamon and drink


  • Increase strength and weight after illness – eat pinjenuts or hazelnuts, dates, drink water from soaked bockhornsklöver (abesh),
  • Swollen legs – finely grate Japanese raddish and squeze out the juice, add two parts water and little sea salt and boil for a few minutes.  Drink this in mouthfulls during one or two days, not longer.

Since we – InI are here in Spain I feel comfortable to share some vibration with the I them on the herb topic.  It is Iniversally recognized that herb (yes that one with so many names) is important to physical, mental and Iritical health.  And since man beComes what he eats, a balanced intake of herb can be beneficial on all levels.  Whatever way one ingest it.  It is Divinely sanctioned from the first book in the Bible, Genesis 1 : 11-12: ” And Jah said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth; and it was so. And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after its kind, and Jah saw that it was good.” So if it was good for Jah way back then, it will still be good FarI today…

A conscious use of the hola herb has great healing dynamics.  Testified to through all ages  and by most users, it can alliviate the mind from a lot of its stress.  This is crucial since if the mind can’t cope or handle the stress, it manifest physically.  In many ways.  So as the healing of the nations, it has preventive as well as curative properties.

So to round up this blessed occasion I would like to seal up with a wise saying from the Baghwadgita ”eat until your stomach is ¾ full and leave the last ¼ to the Lord.”

                                                                           Give thanks

Ras Ibi