Freewill Strength: Self Help

Freewill Strength: Self Help

Q: What do you think our community needs most?

A: The Most Important need of our community is Land. Our community can only live life on land and not anywhere else.
Responding from Azania the agreement between the ruling party and the colonial apartheid masters as a foundation of Democracy was that land can only be restored to its rightful owners the black nation upon the Willing Seller/Willing Buyer principle. Now the apartheid slave master is Not Willing to sell and cannot be forced to. On the contrary even the willing Buyer does afford to buy a loaf of bread, what more about the land. All resources of life are on our land that we are deprived of and thus we cannot even stand let alone to rise to the level of our fellow human races in the world citizenry.

Q: How we can begin to address these needs?

A: The only way is to begin to address these needs is Rastafari His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I the Almighty God’s way. His Majesty defended the Ithiopian soil and assisted the Black people in various African countries that organized themselves into liberation movements and political organizations to drive the colonial invaders of the African land out of African land and have the land restored to its people. Now to take over the land, one must be a government to change the rules and hand over the land back to its people. Let us take over government, establish Theocracy government and distribute land to our people including those repatriating from foreign lands, build our infrastructure on it, lease it to the “foreign investors” and accommodate visitors. His Majesty prepared Himself. His Majesty became the governor of Harar. His Majesty become the Emperor of Ithiopia. His Majesty was come the Universal father of world nations, Earth’s rightful Ruler. The earth is for the Most High Jah Rastafari and the Fullness thereof… Rastafari has anointed His loving sons and dawtas in all races and nations of the world. Rastafari is a government now at a stage of a movement to establish that Theocratic Government. Let Rastafari Arise in every state/country with a Responsibility movement (the so called Political movement/organization). Contest the elections, win the elections and set up a Theocratic Government of the Most High everliving ever ruling I Jah Rastafari. Let the words of prophets not fall into deaf ears. Let the works of His Majesty InI Father not be erased from the earth to the prosperity of satan. Let Rastafarians arise and let all the enemies of Jah Rastafari melt like wax at the presence of Jah within InI.

May Jah Rastafari guide all InI to be the reality of Him within InI in His footsteps that Babylon be fallen
Jah Guide

Judgment Papa Cool, Azania ( South Africa )
Nyahbingi Order