Fundraising for Ras Irice

Fundraising for Ras Irice

“Greetings and blessings Rastafari family,

InI are sending out this communication in an effort to generate some urgently needed financial resources for InI’s Ancient in the Washington DC area, Ras Irice. He is facing a very serious crisis which requires InI’s financial strenght to stabilize his current living situation. Please generously give what the I’s can to assist with this matter. The Iniversal Development of Rastafari (IDOR) will be the responsible agency spearheading the charge along with the Washington DC; Baltimore, MD and Virginia Rastafari communities. All resources collected will be forwarded to Ras Irice’s mortgage holder.

In accordance with InI’s Creed  “Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the aged protected, the sick nourished and the infants cared for“.

Monies will be accepted at IDOR’s Rastafari Study Group on Saturdays at Sankofa Bookstore from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. (2714 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington DC, 20001)