Gathering of the Healers

Gathering of the Healers

A very important and unique event has just taken place in Jamaica. On February 4th, 2002, some of Jamaica’s best known teachers of love (healers) gathered together in a major press conference at The Bob Marley Museum to ask the island to heal their country and their own lives by making Bob Marley’s songs real. “The Gathering of the Healers/The Healing of the Nation,” was an incredibly powerful experience and its vibration is now going out to the planet. A healer (or “elder” or “peacemaker”) is one who teaches the people love and by doing so leads them back to God (JAH). Everyone is potentially a healer. One only needs to claim their place as such by exhibiting love in their life. In many tribal cultures, the healers often gather to give guidance to their people and chiefs.

The purpose of this news conference was to gather many of Jamaica’s moral leaders together to ask the Jamaican people to join them this year making Bob Marley’s songs a reality by each person exercising as much forgiveness in their personal relationships as they are presently able–essentially transforming their old hatreds into present loves and thereby becoming elders themselves. To exercise this One Love does not mean that you particularly like a person, seek out their company or allow unfair or abusive treatment by them. It does not mean you forego demanding justice for past wrongs. It only means that in your heart you understand that your “transgressor” is a child of God who has temporarily gone astray and wish the best for them.

It is a grand experiment to see if humans have arrived at the evolutionary point of being able to heal their societies through One Love. Given the present state of the world, it is essential that we try. If Jamaica, after over 500 years of slavery, exploitation and poverty can achieve this, even to a small degree, it can serve as a pattern for all societies. With this transformation, Jamaica’s message to the world will indeed be “ONE LOVE” and its motto, “Out of Many–One People.”

Joining us at was conference and addressing the press are the following Jamaicans:

Luciano  (Grammy-nominated reggae singer)
Denroy Morgan of Morgan Heritage (Internationally known reggae group)
Abijah (Very up and coming Jamaican singer)
Antonette Haughton (Lawyer and leader of Jamaica’s new political party, UPP)
Mike Henry (Jamaican Senator, publisher and author, seeking to legalize Rastafarianism and ganja)
Dennis Forsythe (Jamaican attorney, Rasta and author or “Rastafari: The Healing of the Nations”)
Robert Roskind/Ras Kind (American author of “Rasta Heart: A Journey into One Love”)
Thomas Anderson/Ramscram (57 year old Rasta from Portland Parish)

Our guest of honor was Mortimo Planno (Bob Marley’s mentor and songwriter,
Rasta leader and the man who welcomed Emperor Haile Selassie off his plane we he visited Jamaica in 1966)
We also met with Prime Minister Patterson and Edward Seaga and asked them to attend to hear from the healers. They declined If you would like to know more about us check out Rasta Heart.

One Love,
Robert Roskind (Ras Kind) Thomas Anderson (Ramscram)