The Rastafari Chronicles – Guyana 1997

The Rastafari Chronicles – Guyana 1997

Welcome to The Rastafari Chronicles, a series of articles, utterances, links from the archives of Rastafari history. This is an encouragement to all Rastafari worldwide to revive memories of InI glorious trod.
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One perfect love in His Imperial Majesty and Empress Menen.

GUYANA (22-31 July 1997)

In July 1997 a 10-day Binghi was organized for the first time on the South American mainland in Guyana. Chief guests were the Nyahbinghi House of Jamaica, including Rases Boanerges, Irie Lion, Ivi, Ibo, Joe. Simba, Carver, Sista Mitzie and Dawta Dean.

Guyana Rases Iawata, Xola, Trog, Jamal, Fire and Israel Magdala were among the main organizers of the gathering. The Binghi Houses in Miami and New York also supported the assembly. The Centenary Committee for Rastafari was represented by Ras Shango Baku.

The 10-day ises toured several regions of Guyana including Linden, Berbice, Rasville (a Rastafari village) and Madawinny – a secluded nature-site hidden deep in the Guyanese hinterland. Here InI bathed in ‘black water’, a cool refreshing pool framed by the forest, created by ital leaves, soft underfoot, nourishing to the body and irits.

The delegation met with mayors of Georgetown and Berbice, who responded positively to the international Rastafari presence and hailed the movement’s influence in Guyana. InI discussed proposals with the Constitutional Review Committee regarding Rastafari rights in Guyana. The gathering played a prominent role in Emancipation Day celebrations, which concluded with a motorcade through the capital, Georgetown.
The high-profile assembly will hopefully lead to a strengthening of communication, trade and commerce between Rastafari in the Caribbean and South America – an area of huge untapped potential for growth and development.

Shango Baku (Centenary Committee for Rastafari)