H.I.M. 50° | Book of Remembrance

H.I.M. 50° | Book of Remembrance

Recording testimonies from ones who recall seeing or meeting the King is being collated for the 50th Anniversary of the Visit to the Caribbean:

HIM 50 is an international initiative celebrating the 50th anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s visit to the Caribbean in 1966.

As part of this commemoration a Book of Remembrance recording testimonies from ones who recall seeing or meeting the King is being collated.
We invite ones to share their special memories/recollections/reminiscences of His visit with us in this special collection.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Please forward your contribution to/or for more info: onebaku@hotmail.com or jamediapro@hotmail.com

Here are some of the contributions already received.

In 1966 at 8 years old I was taken to see HIM at what was Parade and now Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay. I recall looking at His Majesty and feeling what I can only describe as electricity.
The atmosphere was charged, as a child it didn’t mean much, as I grew older I realised what had happened that day.
I did know that I was beholding a Special One just because of the current I experienced that day.
I give thanx that InI have our eyes open and know the fulness of HIM and Empress Menen.
More strength
Sheeba 29/12

In Barbados:
Ras Steve remembers being part of the primary school children who were made to line the road in welcome.
Ras Iral remembers seeing the motor cade.
Ras Jahaziel remembers that his mother took him by the hand and said, “Let us go and see the black king” and they lined the road with others along the Esplanade.
Ras Sepho also has memories of seeing the Emperor.


RRRWG just obtained microfiche printouts that testify to the “large crowds”, “tumultuous welcome”, “thunderous cheering”…
In the publicity and lead up to the local celebrations we may get other ones coming forward to share their memories. InI will document these for inclusion in the publication.
Bless Keturah

Haiti first, Trinity second and Jah-Mek-Yah third on Abba Janhoi’s visit to the Caribbean in 1966. It is reported that His Imperial Majesty made the following remark in Jamaica,  “Holy Priests, Warriors and Traitors”. If this is true then who were the traitors?

Abba Janhoi sent a development plan to re-settle the African Diaspora to Africa, with the Jamaican government in 1962; four years before His visit. Both of the leading politicians in Jamaica at that time, were responsible for suppressing Abba Janhoi’s development plan; culminating in the Coral Gardens disaster in 1963.  Both of those leading politicians are now “National Heroes” the government’s highest award for a Jamaican. Nevertheless, Abba Janhoi appointed the first Rastafarian to represent the global black race in 1970, four years after His visit to the Caribbean, to protect black peoples land rights in Africa.

Thirty years later that said Rastafarian, Solomon Wolfe, who was appointed by Abba Janhoi in 1970, was Certified in Y2K by the Supreme Court of New York State to adopt all member Locals and then serve on the Board of Directors for the Global black race. After reporting this good news to leading Rastafarians like the Marleys, Jah B, Spear, Muta, Sizzla, Luciano and several more prominent Rastas, Papa Salla decided to take I&I case to governments, as well as civil society organizations.

As 2015 ends and 2016 begins, Papa Salla, baptized “Marcus Selassie” in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, is happy to report that preliminary discussions with government officials have gone very well, leading to more detailed reasoning that is presently on-going. Upon conclusion of these negotiations with governments, Papa Salla’s Office in Shashamanne, Ethiopia, will give a full report of the planned activities that are presently being discussed.

In response to one of the two questions posed by Sis Ijahnya regarding the arrival of Abba Janhoi in Jamaica, that is my dearly departed brethren and mentor in diplomacy, Ras Roy Coultman from Rollington Town in Kingston, Jamaica.

He and his close brethren Ras Morty Planno, migrated to New York in the late 50’s, and where Brother Roy resided until his untimely passing in 1992. Ras Roy who also resided in the hills of Rock Fort in Jamaica before migrating, was known in NY as the “Jamaican Rasta Prime Minister”, in Exile.  He was on vacation with his first wife in Jamaica when Abba Janhoi visited the island in 1966.

It warms my heart every time I view that video with Ras Roy leading the charge, and Ras Morty directing the way for Abba Janhoi to trod.  Brother Roy was famous from youth days in his home town of Rollington Town for making “exact model trucks” from board and tin can; beautiful.  He had his own business selling those trucks that could run and operate as ‘children toy’.

With love,

Binghi Penn aka Gabre Mariam