Haile Selassie I Triumphant

Haile Selassie I Triumphant

Welcome to The Rastafari Chronicles, a series of articles, utterances, links from the archives of Rastafari history. This is an encouragement to all Rastafari worldwide to revive memories of InI glorious trod.
Give thanks to ones and ones for helping to uplift this initiative, to share and exchange works, greetings, stories, memorabilia, reminiscences, and ephemera of Rastafari. Let InI rise up a thunderous orchestration of Ises to the Majesty and elevation of the Movement.
One perfect love in His Imperial Majesty and Empress Menen.

Haile Selassie I Triumphant  – A Poem from Nana Farika Berhane

The falling rain ceased
The moment
Plane wheel touched Jamaica soil
Sunshine burst
From the skies
Sending shrapnel of light
On the waiting crowd
The Rastafari, curious onlookers
The police and the soldiers

All flags dropped rain-soaked
Leaving the Ethiopia flag flying
Repelling the taunts of those who scoffed
At Rastafari prophecy
“The moment King Rastafari plane
Touch Jamaica soil
Instant sun going come out.”

Lion eyes wept
Joy unceasing
“A miracle!”
A miracle.”
Lion manes overflowed
Security was overturned
Chillum pipes lighted
Where naked flames were forbidden
The certain explosion
Did not take place
“A miracle!  More miracles!’

Lion throats roared
A sea of rejoicing faces
Kissed by the sun
Their light brighter
HIS Imperial Majesty’s plane
Putting the official reception
By the Jamaican Government
On permanent delay
“Run for cover.
Rasta taking over.”

Mortimo  Planno was summoned to restore order
Standing majestically
On the H.I.M.’s plane step
Voice booming commands
He told the rasses to make way
“Prepare ye the Way”
Clear the way
For His Majesty to deplane

Like the parting of the Red Sea
When Moses led Israel
Towards the Promised Land
The crowd parted
We were transported to Matthew
Rastafari waving rainbow covenant banner
rainbow decorated garments wear

The drums kept the heartbeat
The ila herbs offered incense
Cleansing the land
In the tropic sun

Time blowing softly
Red, gold and green flags
Bringing freedom winds
How blessed to witness
The miracles at hand

Yeshua the Christ
Walked the street of Kingston
With hordes surrounding H.I.M.
To touch the hem of His garmants
Such power went out from H.I.M.

The Christ was/is
As Black God and King
The Conquering Lion succeeding
The Lamb
The drums throbbed the message
Yeshua wept
The Rastafari wept
Overcome with emotion
The joy of transportation
And the miracles shared

© Nana Farika Berhane