Health care and the acquaintance with medicine

Health care and the acquaintance with medicine

With the passing forward of Elder Ras DaSilva, Selassie I bless his soul, and the health problems of Congo RockI, hopefully in best condition soon again, a thought has been brought back to ones attention, I an I are but human beings, vulnerable and bound to the laws of life. Even though I an I Rastafari, living ital, keeping the temple of the Most High clean and pure, I an I are not untroubled by diseases and their consequences.

But what are these possible consequences is there an ultimate? I personally never dealt with the thought of passing forward one day, death never had a meaning to I. Henceforth, transition rites never had any importance to I. But the late reality showed its importance, and the future will bring on more cause to deal with this matter. I perfectly agree with Ras Flako, when the I writes, that a serious reasoning must be held about how to deal with the passing on of RastafariElders.

Now Ras Flako made another point in his letter “Face Reality”. The I talked about a health care and social welfare system. I am so thankful the Elder brought this point up. As I was reasoning with I an I bredrin about the matter of diseases and passing forward, I found that this is one of the biggest problems still unsolved within the community that surrounds I. How do I an I deal with I an I health? Of course, ital livity is the ultimate way to provide for ones health, but what is to be done when one still falls ill? The answer of most of I bredrin, asked if ones would go see a doctor was, that they would never deal with babylon medicine. Reading newsletters, etc., I still find voices rose against immunizations, based upon conspiracy theories, far from being proved, ones still refusing medication, even though there yet are so many pharmaceuticals that are only of natural content.

Now I man is dealing with sciences each and every day, studying psychology, I know what statistics mean, and I believe, apart of all distrust that is to be shown towards babylonian knowledge, I an I should not make the mistake of being held back from good health care, because of a lack of knowledge and resulting suspiciousness.

As I have been stating before, I really feel the need of reasoning about the rites I an I elders should pass forward by to seat next to His Majesty, but I see the urge of developing a well educated and informed awareness of health and health care is of great importance too! I am aware of the fact, that health care, in most countries of this planet is a question of money, too. But a good prevention of diseases by regular check ups, and awareness of strategies to provide for ones health would be far more effective, and in the end less expansive than keeping on caring about diseases only when they become bad enough to be a serious problem.

I believe that the Elders of the future should be educated in what it means to take good care of their health, but should be educated as well, who are the doctors that can be trusted, what are the pharmaceuticals that are harmless, and get an awareness of the positive effects of medical provision.

For those among I an I who can not afford this, a health care fund might be installed, but this would also mean, that the money in it must be used to prevent, not only to heal diseases. Prevention, in all aspects is far more effective than cure.

One perfect love and blessings of health and strength to one and all!

Bro. Ras Béni Gad