Honoring the Trod-ition

Honoring the Trod-ition

More praises more glory in the House of Qadamawi Haile Selassie.

Ian’ I observe ones and ones looking around in search of a past to contemplate and of a present to live.

Men and women walking around looking for a connection to remain anchored to reality and to themselves.
It is an intrinsic need, natural and universal, that pushes from inside causing pain and sense of incompleteness.

It is a call from the roots.

The need of belonging that sooner or later resonates like a bell in our lives reminding us that something is missing, that we are not yet complete.

It is a subtle sound that lays in the background of our daily actions but just like lava, slowly pushes until it erupts carrying out fire and heat.
In the same way, the spirit recalls our attention to look for our roots, to find a sense of belonging and completeness.
These roots are our anchor in the sea of ​​modern indifference.

They are just like hands strongly holding to a branch in order to avoid falling into the void.
Roots are a necessity.
A need.
Above all, they are a source of pleasure and tremendous joy.

In Rastafari Ian’ I is blessed to be part of a tradition that is not limited to nation or language but which surpasses all barriers.

The aim in fact is the inclusion of every human being who wants to embrace the faith of the King Creator and the royal Livity that His children exercise with zeal as a daily practice.

Ian’ I must always cherish and cultivate the bond with the Tradition and history that precedes us inside this beautiful journey, which is the Rastafari Movement.
Let’s sit down and let us take care of our “I”, we must practice connection to win the division towards which  Babylon pushes us… let’s water the roots that keep us connected to our Tradition.
It is not just a concept that we have to accept and to agree to. It is a way of life, a constant exercise that requires also concentration, effort and primarily awareness.
This is the basis of our relationship with the Tradition. We must look deeper into Ian’ I and ask who would we be if we did not have the I-ncients to convey the precious jewel that is the Rastafari doctrine and Livity.

Like a son inherits his father’s belongings so Ian’ I inherited the treasures of our I-ncients, those richness that do not undergo rusting and cannot be stolen by any nighttime theft.Ian’ I received a doctrine, a theology, a way of life, an interpretation of reality for  the liberation and the full realization of Ian’Iselves.

Ian’I received a code of conduct that honors the precious human being and the beautiful creation on which he walks. It is new level of life experience where man and God walk in communion, a new beginning, a new and warm day at the end of the cold night of confusion and dispersion.

Who among Ian’ I could have imagined receiving such grace?
Who could have predicted such a rich meal?
Now, Ian’ I have a jewel that shines with divine light and is able to radiate all Creation.
Who should Ian’ I be thankful to?

Firstly and certainly to the Creator who chose to reveal His sweet mysteries, but we must accept that we owe everything to the spiritual masters that shaped Ian’ I tradition.

Those who offered their existences as firewood for the great fire of the divine plan by sacrificing the world in order to receive the Kingdom of God and consequently sanctifying this Creation for Ian’ I and our children.
Every elder who has lived in the Rastafari faith is a small and humble creator. Artist and artisan, sculptor of a marvelous work, which is the awakened life, free from the chains of evil.

Each I-ncient had to walk the dark road to finally come out of it as an awakened person and master of his destiny; able to articulate space and time according to the canons of God and not to those of man.

Every I-ncient have surpassed the human mind and the wrong perceptions to access the original mind which is characteristic of the Divine.

This original mind is the initial awareness, ancient, primary, pure knowledge in accordance with the silent voice of the spirit.
It is a level of existence where the acts of contemplation and creation are closely linked to such an extent as to be almost inseparable.

In this practice of pure and original contemplation is simultaneously present the creative activity that allows the individual to generate energy directly from consciousness.

When we contemplate and experience the real divine, free and positive consciousness of this Creation and its laws, at the same time we are creating the life patterns of this New Creation.

To put it in a simpler way, when Ian’ I contemplates Creation with the eyes of Rastafari we transform Ian’I selves and start to transform things around Ian’I.

We start manifesting that divine force in everything we do or see.

Doing so Ian’ I create a new and positive way of life.

Just like our body as soon ingests food begins a process that will lead to create energy in the mind and limbs, contemplation and awareness of divine nature and power are the food and the energy of Rastafari life.

This pure and direct energy is the basis of the New Creation that Ian’ I Rastafari proclaim.
Ian’ I in reverence and thanksgiving must recognize the power of tradition and immerse

Ian’ I  in it to not loose direction.
The tradition is what generated Ian’ I and Ian’ I must continue this process generating tradition.
The Elders have taught Ian’ I and still continue to instruct even when is the case that they have become ancestors.

They dwell in eternal life, and they won the limits of space and time because they remain present wherever each of Ian’ I keep keeping them alive.

Keeping tradition alive requires studying it and becoming part of it.
It requires the sweet commitment to sit hours before the Elders and absorb their teachings.

Their words will then be like the only glass of water you have available after a long journey in the heat.

Life and salvation, life chances and redemption.

In the Rastafari Tradition Ian’ I find nourishment but also refuge from our inner and outer dangers.

Immersing in the Nyah Binghi Livity Ian’ I protect our loved ones and ourselves.

At the same time, we bring positive energy and life force in this Creation.
Ian’ I accomplish our sacred, unique and profound mission as human beings.

Ian’ I quench the sense of thirst that sometimes seems unquenchable. Ian’ I find our center rooted in the ground and become ready to welcome the next guest at the table of life, with joy and thanksgiving.

Ian’ I  reborn and find strength in the Nyah Binghi consciousness, Ian’ I raise the universal chant of the free man… free to be and to act according to its maximum potential in harmony with the ancient order of the original Livity.


Ras Julio