Identifying the problems plaguing Ras Tafari houses at the present time

Identifying the problems plaguing Ras Tafari houses at the present time

Reasoning to the Trinity Trod gathering St Kitts July26, 2006 by Ras Iration I

Glory to father, glory to mother and glory to the children. Glory to past, glory to present and glory to the future. Glory to solid, glory to liquid and gas. Glory to flesh, glory to blood and bones, Glory to thoughts, words and actions. Glory to Haile Selassie I, glory to Empress Manen and glory to InI.

It is joyful to be in the presence and company of my Ras Tafari family. I cherish this moment as a great honour, being privileged to share itations with InI. To Ras Touzah and the organizers of this togetherness, I ispectfully convey my thanks.

Identifying the problems plaguing Ras Tafari houses at the present time is an exercise which I think has been skillfully done by all Ras Tafari sons and daughters. I therefore offer only my perspective and iverstanding of the issue. My brothers and sisters, please iverstand my bluntness. I intend no offence to anyone.

As plentiful as they seem, the problems plaguing Ras Tafari houses at the present time are summed up in one word; ignorance – lack of knowledge. It is written in the Bible that the lord said; “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”. To my eyes, it is an obvious truth.

Sisters and brothers, I invite InI reflections on and observation of some of the manifestations of ignorance, which constitute InI problems. I assert that all of InI problems began with InI elders. Succeeding generations have only galvanized and complicated the problems.


(1) Selfish misinterpretation of Bible passages. Example: In my father’s house are many mansions. Instead of cooperating with the central authority of Leonard Howell, Brother Nathaniel Hibbert and other early leaders formed their own mansions.

(2) Church versus State: Disregarding the biblical declaration that the government shall be upon His shoulders, thereby making it evident that the government is the highest institution of any collective community, early churchical priests like Reverend Claudius Henry, Prince Emanuel Edwards, Ras Boanerges and others formed their own congregations while despising the governmental system and authority of Brother Leonard Howell.

(3) Saturday versus other named days as Sabbath: Because most of InI early leaders were of a Judeo-Christian upbringing, they perpetuated the Sabbath day confusion while ignoring Jesus’ clarification that man was not made for the day.

(4) Man versus Woman: Again, because of Judeo-Christian indoctrinations, InI elders embraced and perpetuated the mad concept of man superior and woman inferior.

(5) Also that a man locks is his crown and that woman locks is her tail to be hidden.

(6) Elders versus Youths: Ignoring life’s reality that generations come and generations go. Ones are conceived, born, live, grow old and die; InI elders have created a confrontational situation with their youths; being arrogant in their assumption that the elders are the exclusive authority of the family. In not submitting to the relay cycle of life. InI elders are reluctant to enthusiastically pass on the baton to their youths and cheer them on.

(7) Organize and Centralize versus Mansionism: Because centralization entails obedience to a common law and cooperation with a central authority, brethrens being jealous of their autonomy have been practicing isolation of mansions rather than integrating for collective betterment.

(8) Repatriation versus Liberation: Repatriation now has long been a slogan among InI as if its utterance will make it happen miraculously. InI have been ignoring the liberation aspect of repatriation, which involves mental, cultural, technical and economic preparation.

(9) The teachings of His Majesty versus personal sentiments and opinions: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I has given clear instructions on every issue that confronts InI. Instead of applying InI selves to the teachings of His Majesty, InI have preferred to pursue personal beliefs and opinions to InI detriment.

Ras Tafari sons and daughters, it is good to identify the problems confronting InI but it is much better to be able to solve them. I suggest that it is the responsibility of the evolving generation and its leaders to resolutely rectify the existing problems. To do so effectively, demands a new attitude towards each other and InI prevailing situation. InI have begun to recognize the need for appropriate leaders and strategies. Let us identify InI competent leaders with vision and empower and cooperate with them. Train those with potential. InI must demonstrate InI awareness that to organize and centralize is InI only assurance to collective security and prosperity. InI must employ new ideas and strategies to InI organizational and developmental challenges. All of the problems plaguing Ras Tafari houses at the present time are relatively simple and minor. InI only need to decide to solve them and work accordingly.

I give thanks for ingels attention. I hope InI cooperation will make InI plausible servants of InI family and cause.

Ras Tafari Love

Ras Iration I