“Land Grant” Sovereignty seized

“Land Grant” Sovereignty seized

Ethiopia Public Notice



News flash!!!! Ethiopia is invaded by fascist Italy; Mass executions, Churches and Mosques pillaged, Mustard gas is dropped, women raped, priests hanged, Benito Mussolini declares Ethiopia part of the Italian Empire. Emperor Haile Selassie first shouted, hissed and booed whilst making his appeal speech at the League of Nations. Black Peoples in the West rally to the Ethiopian cause. Dr Malaku Emmanuel Bayen dispatched from Bath England by Haile Selassie 1st to organise aid and assistance for the war effort. August 25th 1937; the Ethiopian World Federation is Incorporated; New York, City, State, USA.

During the past two years the organisation has been liasing with the government at the highest level. We have grievances and unfinished business regarding land granted to the organisation following a request from its members during the late 1940’s. Land was granted during the early 1950’s in gratitude for services and support given to Ethiopians at home and Refugees abroad during the Italian – Ethiopian conflict.

During the 1970s the land grant was seized by the Socialist Derg mainly because of its links to two of its founders Dr Malaku Emanual Bayen and Haile Selassie 1st. It was then managed by farmers associations and Kebeles; negotiations where taking place with the Derg for return of the land grant which were interrupted by the change in the political situation in 1990. After waiting for the transitional period to pass we now find that the new government has avoided talking to the organisation, which has lead to an accountable and disorganised influx of people.

This in turn has helped to develop a negative impression of Rastafari peoples from abroad. Also the host community have not benefited from the great wealth of education, professional or economical resources of the black peoples from abroad.

Presently the land grant falls within the remit of the Orominia regional government and the local Municipality of Shashamane, Malcoda district.

Settlers from abroad have also faced major issues with the extension of the City limits and the behaviour of planning department; there is also a serious breakdown in security, which has lead to acts of violence and intimidation against settlers. Also lands have been seized from elder settlers; lands have also been sold to naive newcomers with dubious planning status.

We strongly request that the issue of the organisations land grant be given serious governmental consideration, as we believe that Ethiopia will benefit greatly from a legal and organised community working in harmony and for the benefit of the local community in areas such as Security, Economics and Social health.

We request that the land grant be given Charter status and treated as a Sovereign area enabling Black Peoples from the west to develop our Nationhood with the privileges associated e.g. a place within the African Union, allowing issues of serious concern to Black Peoples abroad to be addressed.

We are also calling on all the Churches of Rastafari Twelve Tribes of Israel, Bo Bo Shanty and Nyahbinghi resident on the land grant area, to encourage their congregations to organise and centralise. Presently a number of Rastafarians have chosen to collude with the local and central government becoming part of an investment scheme aimed at selling off the original land grant gained through hard work and blood of Black Peoples from the west. No consideration is been given to the majority of Rastafarians and Black People who do not have the financial strength to participate in such schemes. This in turn has undermined the will of Haile Selassie 1st of Ethiopia for the establishment of a collective nation build settlement of Black Peoples from the west.

This can only be done through the vehicle of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated. To also respect the law, customs and the peoples of Ethiopia. Please be aware that no organisation apart from the Ethiopian World Federation Inc has a historical link to the land grant. No organisation should seek to establish any form of administration in and around the land grant and all should cooperate with the Ethiopian World Federation Inc or face legal action.

It should also be noted that the land grant was given not as a gift but was due to the Patriotism of the Ethiopian World Federation Inc and other Black Peoples of the west. The organisation is constitutionally charged to use all legal means to solve this crisis. We hope that the government and peoples of Ethiopia realise that this continued action undermines the Integrity of Ethiopia and will make future generation think hard before supporting Ethiopia in times of need.