Let InI Build on the Foundation | A message to the global Ras TafarI family by Ras Iration I

Let InI Build on the Foundation | A message to the global Ras TafarI family by Ras Iration I

Haile Selassie I is glorious. His teachings are supremely illuminating and his conduct is most exemplary. Eternally esteemed are all who become aware, appreciative and emulating of his I-vinity.

Praises to H. I. M. and H. I. M. Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen.

Hail Iloved Ingels

Ras Tafari love.

The ancestors laid the foundation and the offsprings built thereon, reshaping and expanding as needs, inspirations and energies demand and provide. Should the offsprings attempt to build independent of the foundation, their labor becomes futile.

Among InI greatest and esteemed ancestors, is the blessed memory of the most honorable Leonard Percival Howell. Through Brother Howell’s shared inspiration, agitations and organizing abilities, InI received the revelation of Ras Tafari, Haile Selassie I.

June 16th is Brother Howell’s recorded Earth day. This day which should be very high on InI celebrative agenda.

As InI celebrate and commemorate the coming of the Irit of truth who brought forth the light of Ras Tafari to InI awareness, it is vital that InI honestly assess InI selves as a community as to what extent InI have been building on that immortal foundation.

Brother Howell agitated, organized, implemented and administered a sovereign community of InI with InI independent institutions. A political, economic, judicial, social and religious system, neither aligned with nor subservient to colonial Britain.

The history of Jamaica records that “The Ras Tafarian community called Pinnacle under the leadership of Leonard Howell, existed as a government within a government.” This was so until the colonial armed forces invaded and destroyed it in the late 1950s’.

Since the destruction of Pinnacle around 1958, the Ras Tafari population has not attempted to restore itself as a community along the organizational and administrative lines of Pinnacle. Throughout the Caribbean there is no evidence to my knowledge, of Ras Tafari attempting to build upon and expand the ancestral foundation of authority and sovereignty. InI have since developed numerous religious doctrinal groupings, camps and associations devoid of the essentials of an organized and centralized community affording collective security.

Ras Tafari Ingels, I humbly suggest that InI realize and utilize the inherent power in InI and the possibilities within InI grasp. The rain that didn’t fall yesterday is still needed and welcomed today. Behold, today InI have the population, skills, education and privilege not only to develop and administer ethnic communities but also to govern nations.

I pray InI will begin to acknowledge InI selves as the builders and administrators of the new heaven and new earth of the revelations. InI must see InI selves being the youths who have come of age to share in the responsibilities of government as InI father Haile Selassie I declared. I ask, how long must Africa await its creators? InI distinguished messenger brother Bob asked, “ How long will they kill the prophets while we stand aside and look?”

Iloved, this is InI shift to contribute to the building of InI collective security. Let InI work diligently, constructively and cooperatively. Let InI build on the foundation.

Ras Tafari love.
Nyahbinghi Priest  Ras Iration I