Liberation Day | 80th Anniversary

Liberation Day | 80th Anniversary

It is May 5th 1941, Liberation day.

The invader is definitively rejected and cast out, Israel is free to continue to shine because the darkness is finally gone.
The King of Kings, along His path, stops at Entoto Maryam, carefully scrutinizes the territory, His gaze covers everything and excludes nothing.

He contemplates the landscape, the land sighs and yearns to the warmth and the relief that His presence brings.

The crowds is in ecstatic jubilation, men, women and children are getting ready along the edges of the roads. Young and old ones have severed palm branches and are now ready to wave them to greet the Liberator of Judah.

Tears of joy are running now down the faces of those who have been praying and fasting for this day.

The promises of the elderly have been fulfilled, the pleas of the Nazirites have been accepted.
A large crowd, under a high sun.
The fears and anxieties of an exhausted people convert into shouts of joy. A unique feeling of glory and redemption.

The afflicted hearts and the tired bodies are now finally ready to resume courage. The families that have suffered losses, for a moment feel their void to be almost filled.
The King of Kings enters victorious in the new Jerusalem.

It is the day of the Liberation.

Ethiopia rejoices while the rest of the world is jealously observing.

Eighty years have passed since that day.
The prophecies of a new earth and a new heaven echo in our minds while contemplating that event.

The evil regime was stopped and chased away from under the Ethiopian sun while it continued to deceive the entire world and to cover Europe with its cold shadow.

Just as the deepest evil that creeps there where  deceit lies, so fascism blinded the eyes of the masses  and bewitched  the powerful ones with false promises.

The Earth was divided between supporters and rivals of the antichrist regime which promised light and prosperity while consuming people under the eyes of the nations.

It  was an ancient enemy that once again returned, and only the ancient Kingdom could defeat  it, ruled from the Ancient of days, the only One capable of bringing Liberation through victory and not through the payment of a ransom.

He that could ensure the victory not by an agreement with the evil but by its defeat, through the success and not a compromise.

In the history of ancient Israel, the liberation itself is seen as a great promise that God extends to men, and it has the characteristic of a victory in which there is no place for agreements with the oppressor.
When the Exodus from Egypt took place, the people had faith and did what seemed impossible at the time, to escape from the oppression of the mighty Pharaoh and his army. The Pharaoh  first agreed to let them go  but then changed his mind. However Israel continued on  its way without turning back and this proved to be an act of faith that led the Israelites to freedom.

The liberation from slavery in Babylon was followed by its collapse and destruction. This kingdom  had  played with fire and profaned the sacred. Consequently all its glory faded in the downfall.

Just like the Israelites, Ethiopia’s victory is the global judgment that stretched from Africa to the World.
The battles on the Ethiopian highlands freed the World that didn’t fully realized the destructive power of the fascist regime.

Being the work of evil, Fascism had the ability to bring out the worst in  human beings and to exercise atrocities, making men just like demons.

On the other hand, the Government of His Majesty, inspired the human beings to manifest the best of himself through actions and good works that we can celebrate as modern miracles.

Are we not maybe in front of the dynamics of the antichrist who wants to dethrone Christ?

Is this not the striking example of the conflict between good and evil that marks these times of Armageddon Armagideon?

 Does this not look like  the point in history where everything changed, taking a new political direction, new economical and global development?

Ethiopia’s victory freed humanity.

This nation had to be the first victim to be the first liberator, just as Christ had to suffer and die to then rise again in order to give us eternal life.

The Holy Land had to weep to give back the smile to the world.

It was a grim picture of atrocities that have shown humanity itself of how much evil it can be capable of.

Once again Ethiopia has been the land of Revelation, of awareness, of prophecy.

It has crushed fascism before any other nation of the world.

Mount Zion has enjoyed the redemption from evil before any other country .

Darkness was defeated firstly in the Garden of Eden, and then in the rest of the Earth.

 In the eyes of the nations, Ethiopia was the place that had conquered death and risen from it, granting freedom to the whole World.

If I n I meditate on the Ancient Prophets of the Scriptures, can see that they speak of a great war in which the Most High confront His enemies.

This conflict is described as the prelude to His final and definitive Kingdom.

After May 5th 1941 the West fell into the abyss, Europe became the invader of herself and was worn out, poverty and tribulation were the fate of people.

  Contrary to Europe and the rest of the World, after the fascist tragedy, the Ancient Kingdom of His Majesty, found a new splendor, the suffering of the invasion was transformed into the catalyst for a revival and a momentum that captivated and fascinated the nations of the whole Earth.

At the eyes of the world, the King of Kings confirmed Himself to be the enlightened personification of development, evolution and positive principles that lead to the improvement of human beings as individuals as well as parts of a collectivity. He travelled through every continent being hailed as a unique example of hope on the planet, courageously displaying the only teachings that can guarantee life and the happiness of the human race.

The Messiah was openly manifested, and His message was available for everyone.

In His first coming He won individual death granting us universal and eternal life. In His second coming He won the universal evil (death) giving us freedom for the individuals and the community.

Now in this age of Revelation I n I Rastafari must treasure every teaching that history shows us, knowing that Heaven and Earth are joined and that material progress must go hand in hand with the spiritual one.

Every event has a resonance and carries with it an example and a lesson to apply in I n I Livity practice.
So commemorating Liberation Day, I n I is here to celebrate the victory of the King of kings not only as a political liberation but first and foremost as a spiritual and personal redemption that can then lead to the emancipation of our nation.

The certainty of the victory of good over evil is for I n I a fundamental cornerstone in the Christ-Consciousness that I n I defend.

I n I, just as it happened to the World at the time of Ethiopian invasion, can go through moments of conflicts and difficulties. We can risk to become even the invaders of ourselves, but the assurance of victory must be a fixed and secure goal.

In our personal evolution I n I must always remember that the victory is certain and that David had once again defeated Goliath.

I n I must live in the conviction and awareness that good has triumphed so what we simply have to do is to align ourselves with this positive and beneficial stream reigning and flowing in this universe.

I n I Rastafari, sons and daughters of the last Revelation,  must be witnesses of the victory, guarantors of successful possibilities even when circumstances could seem adverse. I n I must constantly hold victory in our vision and not just hope for it, I n I must know and not believe.

I n I are the people that should remind the entire world that there is a universal force that is able to grant salvation.

This is the power of transformation.

We must transform our minds, getting rid of any toxins that obstruct the experience of the promised land here and now before us. We have to turn our hearts from hopeful to aware ones, our bodies from spectators to protagonists so as to enable the victory that has been expressed and shared with us, to freely reign.

I n I can now enjoy ease and distension, giving praises to the Liberator who once again has redeemed us, making us free to thrive and grow in our humanity, overcoming the trials with that strength that is a remedy to our weakness, making us greater and more secure .

I n I can now sit before the blessings and consolidate one another in the Groundation of this royal Livity, aware that there are many rivers to cross, but I n I can reach the other shore without drowning.

I n I can create a new history and a new era if we start from ourselves and from our communities. We need to observe ourselves in life’s events and not be lost in our minds.

I n I need to be present, to return to the place where salvation is possible, that is the inner source of our life.

I n I now sit by the rivers of Babylon raising songs to the Creator who has educated and trained I n I since we were very young and confused.
I n I was scattered but He gathered us together.

I n I was blind but He let us see with His own eyes.

I n I could not talk but He offered us His voice.

I n I had no home but He showed us a fertile land.

I n I had no rights but He offered us a place next to His throne.

I n I had no possessions but He made us owners and masters of ourselves.

I n I had no faith nor doctrine but He has taught us to live life like a prayer.

Ethiopia’s victory was his own transformation and consequently that of the whole Earth.

The result of this was the splendor of His Majesty to the eyes of the whole world.
The result of I n I successful transformation will be the splendor of our person before Creation.

He Himself made human beings in the beginning, and then left them free to make their own decisions.

If you choose, you will keep the commandments and so be faithful to His will.”

(Ecclus. 15: 14-15)