Living in the hills | The life of early Rastafari communities in the jungle of Jamaica

Living in the hills | The life of early Rastafari communities in the jungle of  Jamaica

Ras Ibi

A journey amongst the Rastafari living a “monk-life” on the hills of Jamaica. How did they eat? Where did they sleep? What was their spiritual practice?

A fascinating close up view of the natural Livity of the Dreadlocks Rastaman in the jungle. Since its birth the Rastafari Movement has always been closely connected with the naturality of life. The slogan “leave Babylon!” has brought many Rastafari bredren to pack their bag and move out of the crowded cities to go and live on the hills of Jamaica. Here the fresh air, the birds singing and the radiant shades of green of the generous vegetation provided the ideal enviroment for cultivating their spiritual life and a perfect peace of mind. Not only this. The Rastafari residing in the jungle as “modern day John the Baptist”, started to develop a very unique re-connection with mother Earth and her fruits. Not only on a physical level but also on a spiritual and psychological one.

The jungle was their mother ready to physically feed them and nature itself became their life teacher. Organic farming was the backbone of their sustainance taking pesticide free agriculture to another level. This was many years before the world would start talking about the Green Revolution. Holistic living and natural medicine became their daily practice as well as the science of healing herbs and meditative tecniques. Also this was decades before the western world would talk about homeopathy, vegetarianism and the benefits of meditation. Observing and being in the presence of the four elements they found an inner wisdom and natural inspiration that is the essence of the Rastafari way of life until now. Bob Marley used to sing about the “Natural Mystic” that, if we listen carefully we will hear.