Make a joyful noise

Make a joyful noise

Soundsystem as a vehicle for Rastafari

An extract from one of the seminaries of the House Of Rastafari 2019, the Rasta cultural area in the Rototom Sunsplash Festival, Benicassim Spain.

“Make a joyful noise!” From Babylon to Zion, Reggae as a vehicle for the Rastafari message. The story and experiences of King Shiloh, one of the most travelled Sound Systems in the World. A look at their latest project: the opening of the Addis Ababa Dub Club in Ethiopia and creating a new generation of Sound System in the heart of Africa.

In Rastafari Movement we are devoted to creating a better world through righteous actions but also with arts, literature and obviously music. Reggae Music is the Rastaman weapon since more than forty years now to spread positiveness and awareness for a better life.

In this conference we will listen to King Shiloh’s exeprience as one of the most traveled sound system in the history of Reggae culture and we’ll take a closer look at their last project: the opening of the Dub Club right in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Established in the Livity of Rastafari from many years, Bredda Neil and the rest of the crew travel this planet with the objective of spreading Rastafari message through Roots Music. It is a real life mission in which the joy of love and unity amongst the people are the focus despite the many challenges of a life on the road. The deep testimonies in this conference fully explain the motivation and commitment behind their mission starting from King Shiloh’s early days and their spiritual journey into Rastafari until their works end events in Ethiopia.

Amongst memories and life sharing we touch the source of the strength and devotion that make King Shiloh sessions so spiritually powerful. Speakers: Bredda Neil, Ras Lion, Empress Black Omolo, Ras Ibi