Make InI redemption more tangible

Make InI redemption more tangible

Message to the global Ras Tafari family

by Ras Iration I


Unto InI a child was given and unto InI a son was born and his name is the wonderful Counselor and blessed Redeemer, Ras Tafari Haile Selassie I.

Blessed love my gracious family. The Birth of Lijj Tafari and the crowning of Ras Tafari commenced InI global redemption. InI redemption has seen the dramatic decline of direct colonialism; the emergence of politically independent nations, the establishment of Rastafarianity and the repeal of apartheid.

InI are enjoying significant elements of redemption from external oppression. Obviously, there are yet essential elements of oppression still to be done away with, i.e. ganja prohibition and travel restrictions etc.

With all that has been accomplished, the greater aspect and more tangible form of InI redemption is concerned with InI internal relationships. To make InI redemption more tangible, InI must realize that InI greatest assets are InI selves. Therefore, InI must strengthen and exalt each other. InI must Practice the Love, Inity and Ispect InI speak of. InI redemption must be reflected in InI intelligence, education and civility.

InI redemption must begin to show greater Ispect, Iprecilove and Recognition to/for/of Ingels who have livicated themselves and have given and are giving necessary service to the development and betterment of InI family. InI must not be afraid, jealous or grudgeful to single out individuals for special commendations. Let InI remember, it is individuals that give leadership.

Bad talking, belittling and unconstructively criticizing brothers and sisters who are trying to make valuable contributions to InI communal enhancement do not show redemption. Sisters and Brothers with Inspired Intellect, Higher Education, Special Skills and Material Wealth must see themselves and be seen as assets to InI collective redemption.

InI redemption is to be made more tangible by InI developing and administering prosperous cooperative industries employing InI skills and creative labour. InI cannot consider InI selves meaningfully redeemed while being overly dependent on the oppressors for InI basic human needs

To make InI redemption more tangible, InI need to materialize InI own nation states, administering InI own sovereign political, economic and cultural authority. This is the historic example and will of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I.

Ras Tafari Love
Nyah Binghi priest
Ras Iration I