Malawi police attack Rastafari student demonstrators

Malawi police attack Rastafari student demonstrators

The International Rastafari Community would like to condemn in the strongest possible manner the recent actions of the Malawian authorities in the serious attack and assault that led to the shooting and serious wounding of several people in a Rastafarian led demonstration in the University town of Zomba during the week of December 9th – 16th 2001.

This attack comes on the heel of the yet to be fully explained and investigated death of Rasta musician and singer Evison “Prophet” Matafale while being in Police custody for being openly critical of the Malawi Government. Bearing in mind all that has transpired in recent Malawian history even before the advent of the present regime. We appeal to President Bakilu Muluzi to do all in his power to protect and prevent the reoccurrence of any further attacks on the Rastafarian Community in Malawi.

We hope that good sense prevails and those blots on the Malawian conscience would become a thing of the past. Africa has to many external enemies for those
in leadership positions, to be violently suppressing dissenting and critical views. With this in mind we call on all people of good and right conscience to send a letter, telephone or send an e-mail expressing condemnation and
abhorrence of the recent events in Malawi:
Send protests to:

Embassy of Malawi 2408 Mass. Ave. NW Washington DC. 20008 U.S.A e-mail –

Send a copy to: “Greetings Rastafari and our Friends,
Since we are based in Washington DC, we will be faxing all messages posted (also, all emails sent) to the embassy. This will be a local call for us and shouldnt cost much. Please copy emails to RasTafari Today so that we can fax them.

Blessings foriva.
from RMI

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