Melkam Masqal

Melkam Masqal

About Our Coronation as Emperor; “On the 17 Maskeram 1909 (=27 September 1916), I was chosen heir to the Throne & Regent, with Queen Zawditu occupying the Throne; and when I had patiently carried out the work of Government, for fourteen years, in my office of Regent Plenipotentiary, Queen Zawditu died on 24th Megabit 1922 (= 2nd April 1930), on the morrow I was proclaimed Emperor and assumed the Throne“.

As can be seen from the above exert taken from H.I.M. Autobiography translated and authored by Edward Ullendorf RasTafarI was chosen to be King on a very special day, MASQAL, this day is commemorated in Ethiopia as the finding of the true cross and is one of the days stipulated in the EWF constitution to be observed with appropriate ceremony. Without any doubt InI can state that InI Redeemer is here. On this day every year in Masqal Square Addis Ababa and at each and every EOT Church throughout the country Fires are lit to remember the vision & reward given to Queen Elleni of Ethiopia to light a Fire and excavate the earth where the shadow from the clouds of smoke settled on the land outside Jerusalem. From this excavation the remains of the Cross of Yesus was found and brought back to Ethiopia. This was Ethiopia’s reward for defeating the Muslims who had occupied Jerusalem for many years. Are these event mere coincidence? or the fulfillment of prophecy, the true cross has been found.

Melkam Masaq-Fire Burn Babylon,

RasTafarI Liveth

Ras Wolde Selassie-Tages King