Message to the Hispanic Rastafari Nation from the Global Reasoning 2003

Message to the Hispanic Rastafari Nation from the Global Reasoning 2003

“Hola Naciòn Rastafari en Hispaño America:

Greetings Rastafari Nation in Hipanic America:

Dale gracias y alabanzas a El Todopoderoso JAH Rastafari S.M.I Haile Selassie I por nuestro crecimiento diario.

Give thanks and praises to the Almighty JAH Rastafari H.I.M Haile Selassie I for InInI daily growth.

The Global Rastafari Reasoning July 16 – 24 July, 2003, shaped its way into a unity for a Global Rastafari Secretariat. At this time in Jamaica and the Western Caribbean foundation are now been put in place for InInI RasTafari Nation Government. It is a interim body and it is laying the corner stones for the second global reasoning. At this reasoning an Ilected body of international delegates shall stand in place to represent InInI. The establishment of this body must be compose of delegates from the four corners of the Earth. This Rastafari Global Body will implement thee constitution of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc and the objectives of the A.O.U tailored to Rastafari needs. Both of these organizations are InInI Father Negus Negast Haile Selassie I gifts to develop InInI nation.

With this body in place InInI will have every aspect of the international arena as InInI work station to develop all region where Rastafari dwell. It must bring about InInI efforts to grow as the nation H.I.M set for InInI. More explanation is needed at this point, but InInI must await for the documentation of the resolution of the reasoning to come forward by the one and ones set at the interim body.

On the commercial side one and ones shine the light on the Black Starliner – Back to Afrika trod by the UNIA (prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey words and works). InInI put on the table a motion that one and ones on a global level must bring forth the works and teaching of Marcus Mosiah Garvey on to this time to buy or lease a ship to start to trade Rastafari and Afrikan goods for InInI global market (meditation for one & ones).

I leave the ones with this note : The representation of Rastafari in Hispanic America must stand strong and move forward to meet with the global Rastafari trod because at this reasoning only to countries were there to stand for InInI and that was Costa Rica and Panama. Now Queens and Kings in Hispanic America are the ones going to step aside or the ones will trod on to build the glory of Ithiopia. It is in thy works now to move and develop one & ones in the ones area. I hope and have faith that InInI shall prevail since InInI are the children of H.I.M Haile Selassie I King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Ilect of JAH, Defender of the Faith, Light of the Universe and Earth Rightful Ruler.

I hope to get feedback from the one & ones because InInI need to have an Hispanic Rastafari Summit before the come about of the Second Rastafari Global Reasoning due in 2005. InInI must be represented. Lets reason via email and see the third eye open. The InInI was a bright light brought forth by Elder Mortimo Plano (father was Cuban). The Elder Plano informed one & ones at the global reasoning that H.I.M Earthstrong was 111 or I I I and now InI must utter InInI to open the third eye. Please forward to one & ones in Hispanic America.

Until words and power come forth from one & ones, More Perfect Love and Ises to H.I.M, Sela.”

Ras Carlos Seales