National Ras Tafari Summit 2014 – 28th February – 1st March

National Ras Tafari Summit 2014 – 28th February – 1st March

Theme: Celebrating our African History and Reconnecting the Rastafari Communities in South Africa


Leaders, organic intellectuals, academics, policy makers and experts from diverse Rastafari Houses, Mansions and Organization in South Africa will converge at Wits University on the 28 February – 01 March 2014 to critically unpack number of issues ranging from CRL Research Recommendations and Reconnecting Rastafari Communities: Challenges and Prospects. The opening of the National Indigenous Rastafari Summit on 28 February 2014 will be the African History Public Lecture presented by Rastafari with the aim of targeting the university community, especially the students about the significance of African history including the history of Rastafari in South Africa. All interested houses, mansions, organizations and individuals of Rastafari are welcome to participate and to send their five (5) delegates or more to the National Rastafari Summit on the 28 February – 01 March 2014 at Wits University, Johannesburg.

The special and historic Summit, comes at a time when there are renewed government hostilities, police brutality in South Africa towards Rastafari, tension, petty prejudice, rumour mongering, character assassination, conflicting views, public spat / quarrels on the public and social media between and among the diverse Rastafari mansions, houses, organizations and individuals over the issues such as Spirituality, Politics, Education, Economics, Health and the crisis with regard to lack of collaborations, partnerships and networks among Rastafari communities and other relevant stakeholders in government or private sector. Although some of the challenges are unique to South Africa, however, the Summit acknowledges the fact that Rastafari is complex, cosmopolitan and in transition. High on the agenda will the issue of Rastafari Woman, Youth and Afro centric Education and establishment of the Rastafari Body that will coordinate all Rastafari activities in South Africa.

The National Rastafari Summit (NRS) is not a talk show but a robust meeting of minds of Rastafari leaders, organic intellectuals and those in influential positions to craft a primary and collective mechanism to address the issues impeding national, regional, continental and international networking and collaboration of Rastafari communities. This Summit is not a pipe dream but it provides the opportunity for Rastafari leaders, intellectuals and policy makers to take a leadership role in conflict resolution and peace building strategies, ensuring stability and prosperity among Rastafari communities. It has to be noted that the NRS is not a silver bullet or trying to offer a blanket neither a piecemeal solution to Rastafari solutions. In addition, this is not an initiative of any house or mansion with the aim of widening sectarianism among Rastafari communities nor it is a meeting of Rastafari top ranking officials, individuals, executives, academics or elites with their own hidden agenda. The National Rastafari Summit is a self funded, open and honest call of concerned Rastafari communities to engage, formulate and adopt short, medium and long term solutions and to focus on the future and avoid unnecessary competitions.

Up to so far the National Rastafari Summit Task Team has been established to look at the bolts and nuts of the event, however, all contributions and participation from individuals, houses, mansions and organizations is welcome. The Task Team is not working in vain to satisfy their own selfish desires but they are burning the lamp through the night to ensure that there is transparency, networking and broad based consultation among the entire Rastafari Communities of Interests (RCI) in South Africa.

Rastafari leaders, priests, organic intellectuals, policy makers and experts expected to attend include the Nayabingi, Twelve Tribe, Bakehase, Mau – Mau, RNCI, RYI, EOZ and few delegates from SADC and Diaspora. It is hoped that the CRL and other stakeholders such as government departments will also be represented. One of the consultations, buy in and support from House of Nayabhingi will be at Grasmere, Johannesburg on the 02 February 2014 where there will be discussions about establishing an Independent Rastafari Media Body. The National Rastafari Website will be established as soon as possible.

It is in our best interest as Members of the New Race to ensure that progress is moral.
This communiqué is issued on the 28 January 2014 by the National Rastafari Summit Task Team.
For any clarity please consult: Kehase Selassie, Secretary General, Rastafari Association for Students:
0723515803 (Mobile), or email