New Tabernacle built in Panama

New Tabernacle built in Panama

Heartful blessings to Rastafari Collective:

Give thanks and praises to the Almighty JAH Rastafari for InI light of Ithiopia nation building

InI in Panama have made great in road to endure the fate of InI first Tabernacle in Veracruz. However, this endurance have led One and ones here to build InI 2nd Tabernacle in Chorrera. InI hope it give great joy to collective to know that Rastafari in Ianama is on the move again. Now InI binghi ground will be ready for May 25th for Afrikan Liberation Day and for iver.

“Although the beginnings of civilization of each country vary in time, the fundamental factors which gave impetus to each country to awaken and embark on the road to progress to reach their present level of development are those qualities which are enshrined in the nature of man, namely, desire and fortitude.” H.I.M

Please check photos attached to view tabernacle grounds and bredrins reasoning for binghi celebration for May 25, 2003. In hope that InI nation stand these time of horror and come together as one to fulfill InI Father works. InI must bring more binghi fiyah forever for InI edification. One Ithiopian Love


Ras Carlos Seales