News from Rastafari in Soweto

News from Rastafari in Soweto

Greetings in the Name of Their Imperial Majesties Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menin, King Alpha and Queen Omega. The First, the Last and Forever.

It is an inspiration and motivation to hear from the Ites. We in Azania are looking forward to working with the ites and the RasTafari Family worldwide in fulfilling His Imperial Majesty’s works in united growth and prosperity. It is through RasTafari Blessings that we have been enabled to communicate with you from this distant part of the world through the cyber world, truly Jah has set time for everything and has opened ways for our Redemption.

We are currently working on a massive program for the year 2004 as we are about to enter the second phase of the Star Order Five Year Plan of our Father. The year 2003 has been hectic but we are managing through Jah Powers. Our Program will include the reviewing and further strengthening of our Administration and Secretariat in the Province of Gauteng. Our Democratic Government is making drastic changes in our country; running many different types of developmental programmes, and we as Rastafari are seeing the fruits of our struggle against Apartheid and the materialization of our Father’s works and brainchild. The Mayor of Johannesburg, our commercial capital in which we are based, has together with the Mayor of Addis Ababa signed a memorandum of creating twin cities between the two. We see this as a major breakthrough and are going to take advantage of it, with the help of the RasTafari Family worldwide; those who are concerned about the long awaited Development of Afrika-Ethiopia and crucially, Repatriation.

We are looking to engaging in Cultural and Economic Programmes and have a lot planned in making these come true. We would like to engage in cultural exchange and cultural orientated programmes as a means of taking part in the new partnership for Africa’s development and the fulfilment of economic empowerment. This is a basic overview of our many strategic objectives, and will only be fulfilled if we work together as Sons and Daughters of RasTafari; bearing in mind how under-resourced we are in this part of the developing world.

We give thanks for this chance to have a say and will make sure that we keep the communication alive at all times. You will hear from us and we assure you that we will keep you posted about our developments in R.Y.I and the Duke of Harar Youth Council. And YES you can post our stuff onto, it is a big break for our internet presence.



Rastafari Youth Inity
Gauteng Province
South Afrika