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Chile Trod

Hail the children of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Woizero Menen I:

InI give thanks and Ises for the expansion on InI faith for in Chile, InI have witnessed the prophecy of the Divinity of the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Ilect of Himself, Earth Rightful Ruler, Light of the Universe and Defender of the Faith - Emperor Haile Selassie I, InI Anciency.

"...Global peace and security can only be permanently secured if all people of the world pool their resources towards the complete eradication of man's common enemies - ignorance, hunger and disease..." HIM on International Relations.

A revelation was revealed to InI, which manifest why Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Woizero Menen I are loved as the Divine presence of the Alpha and Omega.

The native of North and South America prophecy identify the Emperor as their Redeemer. The prophecy claim according to the Mapuche - in native language of the South America - which means people of the Earth. The legend declared that when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South of America comes together (Native of America) as one nation, the Rainbow Warrior shall be born (acknowledging Emperor Haile Selassie I as the Rainbow Warrior) and all the rainbow warriors - warriors of the light will March to fight the battle of good over evil. This prophecy is from the ancient oral bible of the native of the Americas>

The other well known prophecy of native American, which derived from the native of North America and it is written in the history books during the conquest of America, claims that the Mexica - native name of the family (Aztecs and Mayas) of Mexico that the Redeemer will appear in the form of a bearded God. This is the reason why the Aztecs bowed to Hernan Cortez, the bearded Spaniard, captain of Castille, who took advantage of the situation and conquered the Aztecs Empire.

Today, the Rastafari Family in Mexico look at Emperor Haile Selassie I as the One and Only Bearded GOD! The revelation of the coming of the Emperor to Mexico on the first international flight which arrived in the 1950s with two palm trees from Ethiopia and were planted by the Emperor in Mexico. Fulfill the prophecy of the bearded GOD!

So bredrin and sistren this is why the ranks of Rastafari have swelled in these regions. It is because of their own native prophecies and the music of Bob Marley, plus the teachings of H.I.M. which help to spread the words (oral and written bible) to the 4 corners of the Earth - biblical prophecies of InI faith - Isaiah 11 v.1-12, Ezekiel 11 v.17-20, Revelation 7 v.9-12, Psalm 107.

I present these prophecies for the edification of InI family, in order to assure that the trod is for the welfare of humanity. The Chile trod edified InI, not only in prophecies. It showed InI present what unity can do. The Family in Chile spiritual and economic strength depicts what the Emperor declared to InI on Religion. "Spiritual and material must be present to balance man growth"

Chile Rastaman and woman have no elder to guide them, like what InI can say about Jamaica and the Caribbean and other parts of the world. Their elders are in their late 30. So far, what InI can testify is that because of their educational background and today's technologies. The community has achieved a fullness of the mandate to centralize and organize. The community produce their own basic food. The ones have bakeries, organic farms, provide services in the medical, law, graphic arts, teaching, children care and many other professional fields.

The community in Chile has a strong economic foundation as well as a strong spiritual foundation, whereas unity, assistance to Africa and repatriation are the focus of the ones. The government of Chile recognize InI faith as a tradition and InI that trod to Chile in May, sealed the trod with the Ministry of Culture, education and the municipal institutions. Let InI take time to reflect on the trod of InI in other regions of the world. InI in Jamaica still have major issues to deal with concerning Rastafari Tradition being recognized by any government institutions. Much must be achieve in Jamaica before InI can fulfill the works on an international level.

InI must define if InI is a churchical order or InI tradition is InI way of life. I feel that church is a concept that Rome created for the benefit of the citizens of Rome. Church come from the Latin word iglesia, which was a place of gathering for the lower class citizens of Rome and it's slaves. These churches were sanctuaries where the people of Rome could express their concerns and present them to the Roman Senate. So InI must be careful when adopting concepts to InI livity.

This piece a mentioned because InI livity is more than a church, it encompass InI ancient warrior livity, spirituality and must of all InI roots with the Motherland. In Chile InI came to the fullness of InI tradition through the reasoning and meditation InI had with the Chile in the South. The only way InI can come to the fullness of InI glory, is when InI establish the foundation of InI tradition globally. It is a must that the Inity Conference manifest itself because until that time InI can't make any solid decision on repatriation, reparation or any development concerning InI nationhood.

Lets not jump to any conclusion in respect to InI development as a nation. InI must take one step at a time to assure that the future of InI nation is built on solid foundation. So I feel that ones and ones should work on coming together for the Inity conference, where the blue prints for the nation can be work on on a collective effort.

"The fact that we succeeded in laying the foundation of Our Unity was due primarily to the desire of all Africans to unite in a common struggle against colonialism, poverty, disease and ignorance, which are the enemies of Africa." HIM on Unity and Brotherhood

So the fact remains that InI have not reach the stage to claim InI as an unified nation. Then until such hour InI work for Unity is a must.

Give thanks and ises for the blessings of life, health and strength allowed to I through the mystic of InI Royal Father and Mother of Iration, H.I.M.s Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Woizero Menen I.

Raspectfully, Ras Sela.

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