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of the African School

Chant for Brother Job

The Mystic of Shonke: celebrating the life of Sheikh Jawhar b. Haydar b.Ali

Albertina for Albertina Sisulu aka Ma Sisulu ''mother of a nation''

A tribute to Una Marson - the first in a series of fictional interviews
A tribute to Una Marson: part two
The Una Marson Interviews: Part three
The Una Marson Interviews: Part four

Thirty Pieces of Prayer and other writings - Celebrating the Ethiopian Christian faith, in verse
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Youths from one of the largest estates in England learn about African American journalism of World War II
Homage to Aaron Douglas - known as the Father of Black American Art.
Blyden Boulevard: to the Black journalists, essayists, orators and editors, of the 19th/early 20th centuries.
Song for Dignity: a remembrance of the elders who have suffered.
Yoruba: a poem, celebrating the eternal influence of the Yoruba
The Hubert Harrison Club

Poem for a Gambian Child - a tribute to Edward Small
We Sing For All Men : in tribute to one of the Unknown Soldiers; journalist, editor and activist, Peter Blackman

The Avenue of Appraisal - a discussion of the Mission of His Imperial Majesty Qedamawi Haile Selassie

Chamber of Remembrance :  a tribute to the great artist-journalist, Ollie Harrington - and the Tuskegee Airmen
Dance for Claudia Jones

The Arouca Trilogy
Part One : We Were Here - tribute to the founder of the first Pan African Conference - the Trinidadian Henry Sylvester Williams
Part Two : Flame Against the Fire - a tribute to George Padmore
Part Three : Ballard of a Star - a tribute to CLR James


Blue Plaque for Solomon - in tribute to the great Solomon Plaatje
Claws and the Shield another tribute to the great J.A. Rogers (see Wondrous Watchman)
Pieces of Salvation -  celebrating the great Charlotta Bass

Beautiful Amy Bailey - Jamaican teacher, educator, journalist and activist.
Resurrection Man
- David Ruggles: one of the unsung heroes of the Abolition Movement 
Grapes from Thorns - a tribute to Anna Julia Cooper
The Wondrous Watchman the life of J.A. Rogers
The Lonesome Warrior - William Hansberry and the fight for African Studies
Homage to Amy Jacques-Garvey
Madiba Lighthouse : a tribute to Nelson Mandela
Children of Kush