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Meskerem 1996/7,  Sept. 11 2004 1094 days before the Ethiopian Millennium  REISSUE Vol. 1 No. 1

In 1927, Dr. Workineh Martin was sent by Ethiopian Regent and Plenipotentiary Ras Tafari, to recruit Black Americans for Lake Tana Dam Project in Ethiopia. Dr. Martin told an Ethiopian student at Howard University, Malaku Bayen, that “the greatest service you could render your country would be to influence thousands of Black people in the USA and the West Indies and let them come and help us develop Ethiopia.” 

In December 5, Italian troops clashed with Ethiopian soldiers at Walwal. This lead to the Italian invasion of Ethiopia on October 3, 1935. The Fascist invaders used poison gas to exterminate the Ethiopians. After defending his empire at the front of his troops, Emperor Haile Selassie went to the League of Nations to invoke the principle of collective security on behalf of the Ethiopian people. During the summer of 1936, Reverend Lloyd Imes, Pastor of the St. James Presbyterian Church, Philip M. Savoy of the Victory Insurance Company and co-owner of the New York Amsterdam News, and Mr. Cyril M. Philip, Secretary of the United Aid for Ethiopia, sailed to England to speak with His Imperial Majesty concerning financial matters. In response, HIM Haile Selassie empowered Dr. Malaku Bayen to establish the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated. 

October 6, 1936 Dr. Malaku Bayen gave an address entitled “What Modern Warfare Looks Like When Experimented Upon Helpless People” to an audience of 1,000 at the United Seventh Day Adventist Church in Harlem. (cont. page 2 column 2 below)


"As there did not exist in Ethiopia anything like an adequate printing press for books, all books had to be written by hand; consequently, all the people had great difficulty in finding and in reading books. The reason was that it was not possible to make available to everybody books written by hand because the price was very high.

From 1914 (1921-2) onwards We purchased from our private money two book printing presses, and many books in Ge'ez and in Amharic (with interpretation) were printed; the entire people, therefore, derived much benefit from reading what they could buy at low price. A weekly paper called 'Berhanenna Salam' (Light and Truth) and a monthly paper called 'Kasate Berhan' (Revealer of the Light) were being printed by these presses. We gave the income of the printing houses as endowment to the Bet Sayda Hospital.

We desired other printing presses to be established with government money, and when it was handed over to the Macha Tebab Press, many books and stationary for the work of each ministry as well as all similar matters were printed there. The weekly paper called 'AYMERO' (Knowledge) was also printed at this press."

--H.I.M. Haile Selassie I My Life and Ethiopia's Progress 1892-1937, p.67



3. EWF UPDATE: Fulfilling Interim Council’s 11 Actions

4. DIASPORA PREDICAMENT: By Timothy Kalyegira June13, 2003

5. VOE Prophets Speak: G. Balfour Bovell Vol 1. No. 1, Jan. 27, 1937                           Warren Harrigan Vol. 4 No. 4 February 17, 1940


Since the special Convention in Hartford, CT, July 16-18, 2004, the Executive Council has made great strides in fulfilling the 11 actions that were mandated December 19-20, 2003. The new office of the International Headquarters has been renovated; standardized letterheads and forms have been created and are available via email; membership policy and procedures have been updated; a newsletter and email address have been created; fundraising proposals have been submitted, including a book of the collected editorials of The Voice of Ethiopia writer Warren Harrigan (1937-1941 -first draft completed); and legal research distinguishing all entities using the Ethiopian World Federation name is finished. For this, Ethiopians at home and abroad are thankful and look forward to strong, united Ethiopian World Federation. Black people everywhere are now invited to join the Federation. To become a member:

1. Fill out an application obtained from headquarters (see contact info page 2 below) and returning to same with $1.00 joining fee.

2. EWF International Headquarters will review the application, and if approved, will issue a Membership and Dues Card and a copy of the Ewf Constitution and By-Laws.

3. EWF International Headquarters wil notify you of the next meeting in your area when Membership Pledges will be administered.



Meskerem 1996/7,  Sept. 11 2004 1094 days before the Ethiopian Millennium  REISSUE Vol. 1 No. 1
By Timothy Kalyegira June13, 2003

The superiority of the western nations over Africa is seen in the fact that we have failed to make our continent and countries the primary place of residence for our best and most talented people. . . There is something very wrong with Africa, when the best African minds, the cream of African society - lawyers, academics, economists, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, historians, medical doctors, and philosophers - live and work in America or Europe. What for? Dollars, Francs, comfortable clothes, nice cars, furniture, opportunity? Are they worth all that? . . . .

Most Ethiopians believe that the western countries want to undermine Ethiopia in the traditional military and political ways. I think they do not really know the mind of a westerner. The greatest long-term damage that the west can do to Ethiopia is to take in large numbers of Ethiopians into their countries.

If I were a strategist in the Central Intelligence Agency in Virginia, that is what I would do. Just grant Ethiopians visas and green cards, help them get into America. Let them see and experience America, with all its liberalism and consumer lifestyle. By the time they are through and the next generation is born, you will no longer have Ethiopians, you will simply have Black Americans called Ethiopians. It is already happening. Thousands of Ethiopians are swarming to America and Northwest Europe as refugees, seeking a more "comfortable" life. What they lose is some of their vital identity, and that distinct identity is the greatest aspect of all about being Ethiopian. In my opinion, that is Ethiopia's gravest danger to have the best, most talented of its people take up residency in western countries, have children born who lack the force of Ethiopia's crazy, independent, and great character, and you have destroyed Ethiopia. What the west failed to do to Ethiopia through brutal forceful colonialism, they are no doing by the easier, more dangerous practice of taking in the crème -de-la-crème of Ethiopian talent, and ruining their children by raising them in the stream of shallow, consumer America.

[excerpted from Ethiopian discussion group on the internet ]

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Said Dr. Bayen, “His Majesty did not remain 375 miles behind the lines like the Italian generals, but fought in the front line trenches with his men. Ethiopia still struggles and needs you to help her ‘come into her own;. The time has come for the Negro race to refuse to respect any minister that does not do anything but; pilot them to Heaven.; The Negro minister must educate his people in every regard on how to achieve their rights.” Dr. P.M. H. Savory of the United Aid for Ethiopia urged all friends of Ethiopia to send their contributions to Dr. Bayen. On January 27, 1937 Dr. Malaku Bayen establishes The Voice of Ethiopia and begins weekly publication as “A Paper for the vast Universal Black Commonwealth and Friends of Ethiopia.”  On August 25, 1937, Dr. Bayen merged all pro-Ethiopian organizations into the new Ethiopian World Federation, Inc with Local #1 Headquarters in New York. The Voice of Ethiopia becomes the official organ of the EWF.


VOE Prophets Speak

"The defense of Ethiopia embraces the interest of the entire world. It is the moral duty of all lovers of humanity to participate. The emphasis rests with public opinion. When this is asserted, Ethiopia will shine forth as a living symbol of universal justice. To those who ask how soon should this be expected, it will be said - as soon as you lend your voice. Even now."

-- G. Balfour Bovell, VOE Vol 1. No. 1 January 27, 1937

"Ethiopia represents a burden, a difficulty for the Black people. We have expressed the belief again and again that the Black world will rise to the situation. There are in the Black race, as in any other race, a great many slackers, people who will not meet a burden squarely, who are very proficient in their ability to run away from difficulties. On the other hand, the majority of Black people will hold their ground, will shoulder their burdens.

The Black people are not held in high esteem by the other races of the world. We are regarded as the least progressive, the least enlightened, the least manly of all races. The White race especially does not expect us to shoulder our burdens. They know what a secondary part we have been content to play, because we had not the initiative and the real awareness to play one of the leading roles. The future of the Black race can be forecast according to the way it meets the burden of Ethiopia."

--Warren Harrigan, VOE Vol. 4 No. 4 February 17, 1940

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