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  • Bongo Isaac will reason about the importance of the Ethiopian Christmas for the Rastafari Movement.

  • The aim of this project is to facilitate the spreading of the elders’ teachings and at the same time invite the public to directly help and support these pioneers of the Movement.

  • A brand new crucial interview to Mama Dean about her time as a collaborator of Bongo Watto, also known as Ras Boanegers. Even though he has been one of the most influential patriarchs of the Rastafari movement, very little is known about him. This testimony hopes to bring more light about this inspirational Incient.

  • Bongo Jack is a survivor of the Coral Gardens persecution during which he was victim and witness of violence and brutality.

  • Bongo Youngfull is a Rastafari Ancient that trods this Livity since the 50's.


Rastafari 2003 : Global Reasoning and Beyond

Rastafari 2003 : Global Reasoning and Beyond

If a delegate says the Global Reasoning, which covered a wide range of topics (15), was mentally fulfilling, it would be an understatement.

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